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Michael Powell
United States, New York
Joined May 26, 2020

About Michael

I am a skilled and talented writer capable of producing quality content for any category or genre. I have experience as a Senior Copywriter on a nationally released project as well as publishing work for two entertainment sites. I can bring versatility and unique creativity to any project while always remaining open to new ideas and being a team player.Expand

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Michael Powell
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Joined May 2020
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1 years ago
I am a creative that has had the chance to create in many different mediums. I am not just a writer of fiction and screenplay, but have been published as a poet/lyricist, worked as a copywriter on a great project headed by the NFL and Roc Nation, while also being a contributing writer to a still vibrant entertainment site. Now, as I settle into my more mature years, I am looking to set in a career that makes me feel fulfilled and feeds my creative desire.

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