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Video Editor/Digital Designer Haley Higdon, Design, Media & Architecture

Haley Higdon
United States, Lexington
Joined Jun 25, 2020

About Haley

I am a creative designer & digital editor who has turned a once hobby into a true passion that I continuously strive to develop to become a more valuable artist. I have been freelancing since 2012 (high school), and have picked up a variety of internships and temporary work to diversify my experience in the media field. This has led me to my curre...Expand


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Haley Higdon
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Joined Jun 2020
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11 months ago From making home-videos with my sister in grade school to earning a degree in Media Arts and taking on internships/full time jobs, I have been developing my digital design skills for over a decade. Working in a variety of media divisions over the years has taught me that passion for one's work trumps experience/skill, as that can be gained in time. Wherever I go, I want to pour my heart and creativity into every aspect of my work. I never want to stop learning from others or teaching myself new techniques to increase my value as an artist.

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