Freelancer Nazmul hasan nayem
$ 3000

Video editor Nazmul Hasan Nayem, Design, Media & Architecture

Nazmul hasan nayem
Bangladesh, টঙ্গী
Joined Nov 25, 2020

About Nazmul hasan

I am a visual effect artist you can contract me . am the owner of FX HIVE BD , you can search it in facebook google and youtube and also behance . all of works there is mine

About freelancer

Nazmul hasan
Nazmul hasan nayem
Joined Feb 2020
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10 months ago
My name is Nazmul hasan nayem . also i have a nick name called Niloy . Am a graphics designer , visual effect artist , motiongraphics artist . and a organic 3D artist . i can also do sound mixing work as well . im in already 3 ( 1 facebook page , 1 behance portfolio , 1 youtube channel ) showoff social platfrom . feel free to contact me for more !

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