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Visual Designer, User Experience/User Interface Designer Brandon Tran, Design, Media & Architecture

Brandon Tran
United States, San Jose
Joined Jul 7, 2020

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Visual Information Specialist Va Palo Alto Health Care System - Palo Alto, CA May 2016 to Present - Design sustainable programs for Employee Wellness branch of Recreation Therapy, tailored for 4,000 employees across the system - Capture staff and user needs through surveys and interviews, putting feedback into designs and programs - Design web and...Expand


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Brandon Tran
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Hi there! Thanks for your consideration. For a direct experience into some of my work, please visit I’m currently a user interface designer, user experience designer, communications manager, and an artist— constantly thinking creatively to problem solve with both end-user and company interest in mind. I’m passionate about design and technology and creating efficiency through design strategies. I thrive off of creative work.

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