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Visual Designer Yusuf Joseph, Design, Media & Architecture

Yusuf Joseph
United States, Lake Forest
Joined Jun 22, 2020

About Yusuf

I have more than 7 years of professional design experience. My versatility in design comes from a deep-seeded passion to create compelling information with visual appeal. It is in this passion that I continuously strive to create the next strong visual message, and give audiences the necessary information they need to make better life-choices. I h...Expand


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Yusuf Joseph
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Joined Jun 2020
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Culminating more than 7 years of professional design expertise, insight and creative development, I have used my career in pursuit of the fundamental goal to connect people through visual information. My career spans a handful of industries and my greatest strength lies in the commitment to consistent effort in merge valuable information with creative endeavors that brings people informed, inspired, and connected.

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