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Web Developer Krupali Bhanushali, Websites, IT & Software

Krupali Bhanushali
India, Mumbai
Joined Apr 23, 2021

About Krupali

1. Problem Solving, No matter what the job is, eventually something will go wrong and employers want to know that you’re capable of coming up with a quick and effective solution 2. Communication, Whether it’s written or verbal, being able to communicate with your boss, coworkers, and clients/customers in all situations is very valuable. The better...Expand



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Krupali Bhanushali
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Joined Apr 2021
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19 days ago
I am Hard working , good in Communication , Listening , I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I have experience in managing and leading Project teams. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in Coding Languages and making organisations successful.

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