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Naman Khurana
India, Alwar
Joined Sep 12, 2020

About Naman

I am a full stack developer having the experience of more than 1 year as a web developer. initially, I am working as a front end developer now I have also developed some projects of backend as Node.js. I have created a learning web app and sharing some screen shots


Learning web app

About freelancer

Naman Khurana
Joined Sep 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
I have more than one years of experience in web development I was working as a as a full stack developer in in a startup company where are used to create website for the company I have done different projects for the company I have knowledge of different skills like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, my SQL, Angular 8 , VueJS, Bootstrap 4, Nodejs an extra in my time in the company I was I was handling both the front end and back end for the company I was initially hired as a front end developer but due to the lack of backend developer I had to do both frontend and backend alone. . I I am self taught programmer I have learnt all the things that was required in my previous project all alone without any help of others I am a fast learner and that is the reason I think that I am the one that you should hire. I am willing to learn new technologies.

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