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Web Developer/Python Developer/PHP developer Mukesh B, Websites, IT & Software

Mukesh B
India, Thanjavur
Joined Aug 25, 2020

About Mukesh

I have knowledge of these fields. I have done in a lot of self-development process, that means I'm completed a lot of websites and small small project. ex,   this all my intra college website for our symposium, otherwise recently created on whats app bot, own domain mail creation .other wise I a known...Expand

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Mukesh B
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Joined Aug 2020
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1 years ago
Hi,sir/madam i would like to apply for the job on php developer post,python web developer,and web/html posts, because  i have knowledge about this fields. i have done in lot of self development process ,that mean i'm completed the lot of websites and small small project. ex  ,   this all my intra college website for our symposium ,otherwise recently created on whats app bot ,own domain mail creation .other wise i known  lot of skills of our project career domain. i have attach my resume and i say clarify i'm fresher but i'm a quik leaner also,please consider me sir/madam. see my website also :

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