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Web developer Subham Chowdhury Subham Chowdhury, Websites, IT & Software

subham chowdhury
India, Debipur
Joined Sep 10, 2020

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I have been in this field since 8 months now. My stack is MERN stack and i love to design and develop products that could help other people.



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subham chowdhury
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Joined Sep 2020
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10 months ago
Hi, this is subham. Being an artist i love to create and build products for personal as well as development of society. I have been coding since 2 years now and recently about 8 months ago got into the field of web design and development. My continuous participation in hackerrank has also honed my problem solving skills. I'm looking for an organisation where i can contribute my all and learn in the process as well.

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