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Manish Kamble
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first I learned Html then, Css Tailwind css Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery Php

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Manish Kamble
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Louis Pacheco February 2020 to Present: Front end Web Development Training— Full time practicing current web design standards. Basic Coding languages HTML, HTML5, CSS, Domains & Web Hosting. Personal Site: Github: • Create both static and responsive/mobile first web sites • Use Photoshop to decipher design compositions and extract elements. • Review proper coding practice along with design fundamentals. January 2019 to March 2020: Set Design Assistant/Artisan Rentals at Readyset INC – Supervise and assess needs of rental floor operations. Maintain relationships with studio managers/clients. Assist in the production of and delivery operations of sets across multiple locations in New York City. Remain accountable and problem solve difficult situations • Increased rental department revenue in 2019 to have its most profitable year ever. • Maintained highest employee reliability rate for job satisfaction since hire date. • Recognized and compensated by owner during performance evaluation. February 2011 to December 2018 Marketing Focused Sole Proprietor – Led, trained, and motivated small teams of brand ambassadors for high-paced public events. Used technology to Present & inform customers. Consulted via Skype with supervisor to devise plan. • Noted as being a highly effective motivator/communicator for team lead positions. • Rated excellent by supervisor due to high customer satisfaction ratings. • Maintained high attendance and engagement at events. • Praised by event organizers for attention to details during events. July2014 to 2016 Hunter College Admissions department CUNY—Evaluated and assessed various sensitive academic data. Reviewed, edited, and processed excel files containing student information. Provided resolutions via phone and in person meetings with students. Completed general office duties as needed. • Achieved high praise for professionalism and autonomy. • Recognized by supervisor as a highly personable customer service provider. • Renowned for team collaborations and self-starter attitude. June 2012 December 2013 Staples technical agent--Worked in technology sales department assisting customers choose the best technology for their needs. • Complimented by customers for attention to detail and care. • Excelled at developing customer rapport leading to many returning customers. • Praised for troubleshooting technical issues with customers using novel solutions. HTML5 & CSS training course 2020 BA Psychology Hunter College. 2016 A+ Certification Queens Vocational Technical HS. 2011
Websites, IT & Software
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