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Kathleen Barron
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Kathleen V. Barron Professional Profile: High School English Teacher, Massage Therapist, Social Media Specialist, Writer/Editor, Caregiver, Entrepreneur, Patent-Holder, Coach, Tutor, DJ & MC, I’ve done it all! I like to contribute wherever I go! Experience: 2019 - 2020 ELA Teacher, Liberty High School I recently completed my second year of t...Expand


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Kathleen Barron
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Joined Jun 2020
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I have recently moved from Florida to Colorado in order to be near my daughter. Thus begins a new chapter and adventure in my life. In addition to a new locale, I am looking for a new career direction. I’m highly organized. I learn quickly. I pay attention to detail. I’m a self-starter who is willing to do research, ask questions, and develop needed skills. I’ve run my own health food store, been a massage therapist, been a newsletter writer/editor and social media coordinator for a resort, and taught high school English. I’m dependable, responsible, and resilient. I’m not afraid to try new things. I am an effective communicator, used to dealing with all different kinds of personalities and figuring out what they need and how best to help. I'm looking for a position where I can use my many talents and feel like I'm doing something good/helpful in the world.

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