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Arvind Kumar Choudhary
Quality Analyst Arvind Kumar Choudhary, Other
• Call,chat,E-Mail,Ticket monitoring and audits. • Participate in Calibration session • Perform mock calls with agents to improve performance • To ensure positivity and positive behaviour on the floor • Provide periodic feedback to agents and the reporting person regarding improvement areas • Prepare team report, development strategies and other documents for team management. • Monitor compliance adherence through timely audits, generating awareness on the floor. • Responsible for driving and tracking process parameter's critical to quality and process. • Participate in the design of call monitoring formats and quality standards. • Structured Problem-Solving skills and experience: uses a systematic, disciplined and fact-based process that gets to root cause to solve problems, analyzed and improved processes • Provide input and insight to key drivers of errors • Ensure to complete daily, weekly & monthly audit target • To identify gaps and rectify them by sharing feedback and conducting refresher sessions with associate to improve quality of calls/Chat/Ticket • To conduct training for agents/groups, when needed • To conduct quality induction for new hired batch • To suggest changes in the quality parameters as per the needs and also suggest other creative ideas to improve quality • Work closely with supervisors and quality team to develop agent and team specific action and development plans • Assist in developing and streamlining Quality procedures • Perform all assigned tasks and responsibilities on time with accuracy • Closely work with the cross functional team and other departments to make the process more robust
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Siddhant Sawant
India, Mumbai
Data Scientist / Business Analyst Siddhant Sawant, Other
A curiosity-driven data scientist, eager to leverage machine learning and data analytics to extract meaningful insights, make informed decisions and solve challenging business problems. I ensure to contribute with my knowledge, logical thinking and analytical skills towards the consistent growth and development of the organization, and enhance my experience through continuous learning and teamwork. Skills: • Statistics – Various hypothesis testing, estimation, probability theory, time-series analysis, statistical modeling. • Machine Learning – Algorithms for Regression (Linear, Logistic), Classification (Decision Trees, Random forest, XGBoost,SVM, Naïve Bayes, k-NN),PCA, Clustering(k-means, Hierarchical). • R - Implemented ML Algorithms, used packages like dplyr,glmnet, ggplot, caret,boruta, missForest, mice, dummies •Python - ML Algorithms, using packages like Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Statsmodels, Matplotlib, Seaborn • Natural Language Processing – Text Processing, Web Scrapping, Sentiment Analysis, Regular Expressions, NLTK • Deep Learning – Neural Networks, RNNs, CNNs, LSTMs; tensorflow, keras. • SQL - Performing Basic Queries, Sub-queries, Joins, Aggregation, Statistical Functions. •QlikSense and Tableau – Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Forecasts, Tables, Charts, Dashboards •Big Data – Basic knowledge of Hadoop, Map Reduce and Spark, along with all the other tools of the eco-system.
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