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Bryan Lewis
India, Mysuru
Modern and Sleek Ux/Ui Designer Bryan Lewis, Design, Media & Architecture
• Need a UX/UI designer? Want people to fall in love with your product and become lifetime customers? You have landed exactly to the right place! • Converting your ideas into amazing digital experiences. • Creating large- & small-scale design solutions for web products of any purpose. • I specialize in user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI). I'm here to improve your business processes, increase audience engagement, and customer loyalty through user-centered UX/UI design. • I love helping companies and start-ups design new products, solve existing customer & user problems, define delightful, interactive user journeys, and increase customers loyalty through effective UX and UI design. USER EXPERIENCE IS A MAPPING PROCESS: 1) User Experience design isn’t a step in a process, isn’t a checkbox that you do and move on. Instead, user experience is the process itself. 2) UX determines how people interact with your application. Well-thought-out UX makes your app intuitive, helping users to accomplish their goals. Users' motto is “don't make me think”! 3) Ask yourself: is my user experience easy to use and smooth or clunky and confusing? If it's the last option, drop me a message to get a free User Experience audit. USER INTERFACE IS A BODY 1) It is how your application looks & feels. Great UI makes your product beautiful and creates an emotional connection. A genuine user interface design also creates the personality which will evoke loyalty in your users. 2) Have you seen those applications with standard Bootstrap UI? They are faceless, not memorable. It is not enough for a product to have amazing features solving people's problems to survive on the market. It must also have the best user interface possible. 3) Would you buy an apple (a fruit, not device) if it's rotten or nibbled? Even though the seller swears, it's the most delicious apple in the whole world? Unlikely. 4) I create visually stunning UI's to guide users through each interaction within your service or product. Want to improve user interface design? Message me — let's get to know each other! Designer products for industries: Fintech AI/Blockchain Real Estate Education Fashion/Beauty Medical/Healthcare Travel Design process: o Every designer has their way of doing things. My process is simple and agile. I start with user needs and merge them with the needs of your business. o Economy and simplicity are the keys to creating great UIs. My iterative approach embodies this idea to produce measurable results that continually evolve to fit your business goals and user needs.  Wireframing and prototyping your web intentions  Competitors research to highlight YOU on the market  Business-goals based design approach - dig deep into your challenges and users’ pains  Intuitive UX development  Engaging and retaining users via experiences they’d love  Creating loyalty in your customers through interfaces  Drawing incredible UI: user-friendly, trendy, WOW, insane motion  Consistent assist in development Deliverables:  MVP  Landing pages  Responsive  Multi-page websites  Dashboards/CRM  iOS & Android apps WHO AM I? UX/UI product designer driven by user empathy, resourcefulness, and minimalist aesthetic, I'm obsessed with simplifying complex UX problems. I create user journeys — from usability, accessibility, and interactions to visuals and emotions. Another part of my life is traveling, FPV Drone Racing and music. If you think it's for you — message me! Message me now! Let's see if we're a good fit for each other. Warmly, Bryan Lewis.
Design, Media & Architecture
App Designer
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Website Design
15 $
Ermioni Kontolaimaki
Graphic Designer Ermioni Kontolaimaki, Design, Media & Architecture
I started as a graphic designer (by falling in love with Adobe Suite in IOS system) at the age of 20 and never ever did something different. The design process for me it was like love at first site and this feeling never changed... even now! Till the year 2012 i was "traveling" through agencies. I've learned a lot about advertising from graphics view. In general i pooled experience from the moment of the brainstorming and the birth of an idea - concept till every way of expressing that. It was really a fantastic journey! Apart from that there was a year that i wanted to try teaching to new designers and to be honest this was quite a challenge. After that i made a small turn to the digital part. I 've joined a start up, small but very passionate team that was focused on gambling games on mobiles remotely. Apart from my professional experience i 've participated in various institutes - workshops like, photography, web design, 3D design, decoration, pottery, creative writing and some others in outdoor activities that (of course) have nothing to do with graphics. Now days, apart from my work (self-employed), i' ve turned on my antennas at the learning field and started studying at European University Psychology for Bachelor's degree. So, in small words that's me who likes creativity, who lives for creating and would like to see more in her life. Best regards, Hermioni Kontolaimaki
Design, Media & Architecture
App Designer
Brand Identity & Strategy
Concept Design
Website Design
20 $
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