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Tamara Schoener
United States, Ann Arbor
Designer Tamara Schoener, Design, Media & Architecture
I have recently been working in the Architecture field, developing a plethora of skills. I have an extensive design-based Master's of Architecture degree from The University of Michigan. My educational background has provided me with extensive experience with all aspects of design, including but not limited to, Design, Media, Arts, video, 3D imaging, modeling and animation, Adobe Suite, SketchUp, Urban Planning, programming, Architectural drafting and drawing, and many more. I am an avid learner who picks up on great ideas and approaches that others might leave unnoticed, allowing me to see a project through the client’s eyes, and envision an effective way to achieve results. My creatively-driven optimism gives me an excitement that drives unique visions of potential, and multiple solutions for success. I work great in both independently pursuing tasks and collaborating with a team. I work best when there is a lot on my plate and am always ready to get my creativity flowing and add more to my to-do list, keeping everything in motion at all times. I am a great planner, problem-solving, mapping out a road to success, or the end-goal of a project in a clear manner for multiple scenarios. Although to some this may seem overwhelming to some, a clear, concise direction and reasonable plan can cause everything to fall into place with ease.
Design, Media & Architecture
Architectural Rendering
Adobe InDesign
2D Animation
30 $
Abu Chowdhury
Bangladesh, Sylhet
Architect & Interior Designer Abu Chowdhury, Design, Media & Architecture
“Always great to work with Abu. Enthusiastic, high quality work within timeframes and communicates well. Highly Recommended “ ¦I am a Professional and experienced Architect with experience of designing numerous projects for the last 4 years as a Partner and Principal Architect of Studio IX. As a lead designer, I established designs from the basic Planning stage to real scale build projects. ¦My expertise range from Architecture planning and Interior Design and I regularly design and do 3D visualization for various types of projects including Residential, Commercial, Retail, Offices etc. After working for almost 4 years, I have gathered wide and well-rounded expertise with: Autocad (2D Drawings such as Plan, Elevation, Section, Working Drawing, Detail Drawings) Sketchup (3D Modeling, Texturing, Detailing, Axonometric Drawings, Isometric Drawings, 3D Floor Plan etc) Vray (Photorealistic Rendering for both Exterior & Interior) Lumion (Image Rendering & Architectural Animation Video) Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom (Rendering & Post Processing) Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign (Presentation and Printing) Lastly, I would like to say that I have excellent communication and presentation skills and my work hours are flexible to your needs. Let me know if you are available for a quick chat here on guru, or a quick call to talk about your project. I offer an hour of free work to let you try and experience my approach towards your project. No strings attached. I am more than glad to look into your project before we start. ¦¦¦ Thank you
Design, Media & Architecture
3D Modelling
3D Rendering
Architectural Rendering
Interior Design
10 $
Gwendolyn Morsell
Information Technology Specialist Gwendolyn Morsell, Design, Media & Architecture
Experience is attending Strayer University for 6 years in accruing my Bachelor of Science in Criminal justice/Computer Security and Forensics. In this degree I learned from real-world scenarios on how the Court System provide it services in identifing the evidence that are related to computer activities as cybercrime. The Masters of Science in Information System and Computer Security Management in detail of learning the Certified Information System Security Professional in designing the system with the ability in designing database management, processing network skills, access of control, the network infrastructure based on TCP/IP, keeping data security elements for the confidentiality, integrity and availablilty and what this means is that data is being kept secrecy, not to be altered and become available when needed by request. Using Wireshark software and other application to retrieve the operation system performance in capturing data and format these results into the PCAP, Infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and sofware as a service. From the learning perspective from the Master and Bachelor Degree Program, my skills: Strengths are deliberative, Discipline, Learner and Relator To design a database in the relationship from big data analytics in the connection to and from web technologies interlink to business intelligence. Ability to work on various projects simultaneously Team Player Accounting Receivable and Payable-general ledger statements, monthly billing, and invoice. Attention to Detail and Quality Basic knowledge of Windows 2016 OS/ Linux Microsoft Suite: Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Visor Strong analytical skills Strong Problem-Solving skills Strong Work Ethic: Multi-tasking and Critical Thinker skills Technical knowledge A+, Network+, Forensics, Criminal Justice, Project Management, and Certificate of Completion on CISSP and ITIL.
Design, Media & Architecture
Architectural Rendering
eLearning Designer
Corporate Identity
55 $
Mike Orrico
United States, Cliffside Park
Designer Mike Orrico, Design, Media & Architecture
Hello, My name is Mike Orrico and the reason I am writing to you is to express my immense interest in the opening for a remote Graphic Designer that I saw posted on Wono’s website. I am enthusiastic about applying for this role and even more so at the thought of having the opportunity to work for Wono. I consider myself a contagiously passionate artist that is driven to produce high-quality work and take great pride in exceeding expectations. I truly admire the work that Wono creates and I would love the opportunity to be a part of that creative process. During my time studying at Rochester Institute of Technology I learned effective workflows in 2D and 3D software allowing me to create high-quality models and visually appealing renderings. While attending R.I.T. as well as in my spare time, I’ve worked on my craft producing optimal and efficient assets, effects, textures, UV Maps, and material systems for a variety of rendering engines. Compositions, animations, illustrations, and textures are put through workflows in Adobe software or other editing software to reach a finalized polished visualization. I have also retopologized assets for cleanup and efficiency such as my own 3D models, 3D photogrammetry point cloud outputs, and vendor/client provided 3D models. Motion graphics, animations, and interactive media I have worked through a variety of software and plugins throughout my years of education and freelance history. Since my parents are architects, architectural renderings and model building have always been a childhood pleasure. When it comes to traditional art, I’ve worked with and explored a variety of different mediums such as charcoal, photography, print, pen & ink, and pencil. As you are probably beginning to realize, for me this is not just a passion, it is who I am. I quickly adapt to new styles and actively research new emerging technologies that can be used to improve the final result of my work whether it is for a personal project, work for one of my freelance clients or out of sheer-intrigue and curiosity. I have attached my resume which is a reflection of my overall knowledge, experiences, as well as an indicator of my skill-set and software capabilities. On the resume is a link to my website, I believe you will be pleased with the work I have on display. I would love the opportunity to speak with you to further discuss my qualifications and prove to you why I will be a perfect match for this role and an excellent contributor to your team. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. Sincerely, Mike Orrico
Design, Media & Architecture
3D Design
Architectural Rendering
Concept Art
Graphic Design
20 $
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