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Lindiwe NYADZA
Economics Lindiwe Nyadza, Data Entry & Admin
Tutored in the following subjects: Development Economics, Business Competition and Regulation, Introductory Macroeconomics, Economics of Money and Banking. Duties included: • Scheduling tutoring appointments with students. • Research on recommend textbooks, software, equipment, or other learning materials to complement tutoring. • Preparing and facilitating tutoring workshops, collaborative projects, or academic support sessions for small groups of students. • Participating in training and development sessions to improve tutoring practices. • Monitoring student performance or assisting students in academic environments. • Reviewing class material with students by discussing text, working solutions to problems, or reviewing worksheets and other assignments. • Preparing lesson plans or learning modules for tutoring sessions according to students' needs and goals. • Developing teaching or training materials, such as handouts, study materials, or quizzes. • Collaborating with students and teachers to determine student needs, develop tutoring plans, or assess student progress. SKILLS • Languages – English, isiZulu, isiXhosa and basic French • Use of Microsoft package • Use of Eviews and Stata • Academic writing and reporting • Active listening • Client Service/Communication • Leadership • Management and problem solving • Time management
Data Entry & Admin
Data Entry
Call Center
Email Handling
Article Submission
Data Vizualization
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