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Huzefa Sadikot
Software Programmer Huzefa Sadikot, Websites, IT & Software
Expertise in utilizing Programming languages: • Python • C, C++ Expertise In following Front end technologies: • HTML • CSS • Javascript Expertise In following Python Libraries and Techniques: • Machine Learning • NLP • Linear Regression • Logistic Regression • Pandas • Numpy • Matplotlib • Seaborn • Sqlalchemy • Plotly • Random Forest and KNN • BeautifulSoup • Selenium Skilled at database administration using: • SQL • MySQL Thorough with software Development methodologies: • OOP, UML • SDLC • SOA Solid understanding of Containerization systems: • Docker • Kubernetes • Profound knowledge of Monitoring Technologies: • Grafana Proficient in the following operating systems and tools: • Windows • Linux • Microsoft Excel EXPERIENCE NOV 2020 – PRESENT SOFTWARE PROGRAMMER, CARAVAN LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED • Analyzed 1000 share prices daily using pandas to determine whether the trade could result in a profit or a loss • Reduced the losses in trading transactions from 25% to 10% • Designed scripts to download the share price data of 50 stocks daily • Provided technical support so as to ensure the user satisfaction of 100% • Utilized Sql Database to store the information of trades executed • Increased the application performance to 80% using machine learning techniques to predict stock performance • Used Tableau to create Stock Market Dashboards to analyze Profits, Losses and investments.
Websites, IT & Software
Data Visualization
Frontend Development
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