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Saideep Shetty
Virtual Office Manager Saideep Shetty, Engineering & Science
I am a self-learner who is very interested in learning new things every day. An Automobile engineering graduate from Manipal University Jaipur. My previous Internship experience was at Tata Motors ltd where I was a part of the Product Management team where we were working on the New vehicle prototype which is going to launch in 2021. I also successfully completed a Lean Six Sigma project where our Project goal was to Optimize the Material delivery system on the Assembly line and Reduce the overall time by 40%. Also have taken responsibility as a Student Placement Co-ordinator, I managed the overall Internship and placement activities at my university. Where I acted as a bridge between the students and the potential recruiters/Faculties. I have been a part of the Blood donation camp at our university for 3 consecutive years in the Hospitality Dept. and led a group of volunteers to provide the donors with the Best Donor experience and soon realized I had the empathy to understand their problems, Acknowledge their problems and try to generate solutions. Also, I had received the scholarship for a foreign student exchange program at Estaca-School of Mobility Engineering, Paris_France. I got the opportunity to experience foreign culture and interact with students from all over the world especially the USA, UK, China. Have been certified as a Customer Support Specialist from LinkedIn. Also completed coursework on SQLite to manage databases used in CRM platform
Engineering & Science
Bill of Materials (BOM) Optimization
Statistical Analysis
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