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Chidambaram Venkatachalam
Business Analyst Chidambaram Venkatachalam, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
I am a successful business professional with a proven track record in business growth and restructurings of several corporations. I would bring my tenacity and penchant for success to your organization in the capacity of the senior executive. As such, here are the skills I will bring to your company: A strong commitment to the industry, having contributed with my talents in the automotive, engineering and startup companies in a variety of roles and capacities. • Solid marketing background and the savvy to implement understand and troubleshoot marketing operations while achieving business growth and increased market share resulting in profitability. • I have been learning very keenly with SQL so that it will be amazingly easy for the company to train me in this and start working at the earliest if I get a job in this domain. • The entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and knowledge that will bridge essential relationships to achieve business success. With my own franchisee startup called Fooddoo, I have experienced firsthand on what it takes to run a business, the value of interactions and relationship with the partners. • More than 6 years of strategic, forward-thinking initiatives that transcends the current state of the company to deliver profitability and achieve growth.
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Business Analytics
Business Strategy
Business Analysis
Data Analysis
35 $
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