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Aj Wescott
United States, Bordentown
Graphic Designer Aj Wescott, Design, Media & Architecture
Freeze/Imagine Screen Printing - Dayton, NJ June 2014 to Present Production Separation Artist: June 2014 - November 2015) By using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I would break down images, either solid vector graphics or photo realistic ones and then separate the artwork into channels, one for each color/screen. After which I would output the information to our digital printer so that it could become a screen ready to print on. Once a design is on press, it needs to be checked for quality and registration. I would assist the art director in checking the quality of the prints that came in to ensure that the best production was being achieved. I would also assist in troubleshooting any issues that might have occurred during the separation process, or the overall setup of the design on press. Production Supervisor: November 2015 - Present) I would oversee the actual printing of the designs on the garments. If necessary, I would correct any issues that might arise, either directly on press, or if need be correcting the file on the computer to create a new screen. I also supervise over sixty employees, ensuring that they follow not only our corporate guidelines but also that of our clients when it comes to the final handling of the merchandise as it's prepared to ship. Every customer has a specific set of regulations that they look for in our shipments and help to make sure that we are 100% compliant. Freelance Graphic Designer personal - Clarksburg, NJ October 2004 to Present By utilizing the Adobe creative suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, I've created a wide range of products for my clients over the years. Examples of some jobs/tasks today I've worked on are; Brochures Apparel design Logo design Menus Character/Mascot Illustration Calendars Event programs Illustration (traditional & digital) Photo editing retouching Graphic Designer Nylabone - Neptune City, NJ April 2014 to November 2016 Freelance Graphic Artist Started as a general graphic artist, helping with any project the company needed. Created point of purchase display headers, package design, sales graphics and photo retouching/editing. With my skills at Photoshop and photo editing being my strong suit I was later given the task of rendering full color mock-ups of their upcoming promotional dog chew toys. I would continue to work on these mock-ups for the course of 2 years most of which were done remotely as I worked for them from home for about a year and a half. Senior Graphic Designer Utrecht Art Supplies - Cranbury, NJ August 2009 to December 2013 Started off with just adding type to pre-existing layouts for their catalogs. A month later I started actually creating the layouts for sale catalogs. From there I was creating sale signage and posters for upcoming seasonal events. After about a year I was the lead designer for all of the sales outreach. I was in charge of designing all of their sale collateral including all in-store signage, flyers, posters, email blasts and catalogs. I also handled all of the photo editing and manipulating when it came to our catalog covers. The resource guide, which was the yearly catalog, was the flagship when it came to design. It would set the pace for the entire year and I was able to lead the team for the last two years in setting and creating the look, and feel for the whole catalog.
Design, Media & Architecture
Brochure Design
Caricature & Cartoons
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