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Simi Simon
UX/UI designer Simi Simon, Design, Media & Architecture
I have a dual Master's in Industrial design and Design management from Savannah College of Art and design. Before that, I was working at Tata Consultancy Services for around 2.5 years as a System Engineer where I handled a team of 6 members as their team lead for our client Unify. I was in charge of developing Unify's service engine webpage hence I worked along with developers & designers. At SCAD I was exposed to evaluative & generative research methods which were conducted in partnership with Lextant: The human design firm. My experience as a researcher includes planning, executing, synthesizing qualitative and quantitative research findings to actionable insights, develop personas, and then use storytelling to enable designing for user needs. Later in the designing stage, I used the insights to develop concept designs and tested them to get user feedback. I collaborated with the Volvo-SCADPro project. As a research lead and UX designer, I led a team of researchers, build research protocols/ interview guides and autonomous vehicle city concepts which included a predictive intelligence system built on a vehicular data-generating hub, fed by sensors onboard vehicles and embedded into the city infrastructure. I worked on the parking marketplace and ride-sharing digital platform design specifically for Volvo. Currently, I am working with Design for Winning as a design researcher. I am conducting evaluative & generative research, finding insights and then turning them into design decisions to help clients understand the current customer needs in the field of AV's.
Design, Media & Architecture
Website Design
Adobe InDesign
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