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Mike Orrico
United States, Cliffside Park
Designer Mike Orrico, Design, Media & Architecture
Hello, My name is Mike Orrico and the reason I am writing to you is to express my immense interest in the opening for a remote Graphic Designer that I saw posted on Wono’s website. I am enthusiastic about applying for this role and even more so at the thought of having the opportunity to work for Wono. I consider myself a contagiously passionate artist that is driven to produce high-quality work and take great pride in exceeding expectations. I truly admire the work that Wono creates and I would love the opportunity to be a part of that creative process. During my time studying at Rochester Institute of Technology I learned effective workflows in 2D and 3D software allowing me to create high-quality models and visually appealing renderings. While attending R.I.T. as well as in my spare time, I’ve worked on my craft producing optimal and efficient assets, effects, textures, UV Maps, and material systems for a variety of rendering engines. Compositions, animations, illustrations, and textures are put through workflows in Adobe software or other editing software to reach a finalized polished visualization. I have also retopologized assets for cleanup and efficiency such as my own 3D models, 3D photogrammetry point cloud outputs, and vendor/client provided 3D models. Motion graphics, animations, and interactive media I have worked through a variety of software and plugins throughout my years of education and freelance history. Since my parents are architects, architectural renderings and model building have always been a childhood pleasure. When it comes to traditional art, I’ve worked with and explored a variety of different mediums such as charcoal, photography, print, pen & ink, and pencil. As you are probably beginning to realize, for me this is not just a passion, it is who I am. I quickly adapt to new styles and actively research new emerging technologies that can be used to improve the final result of my work whether it is for a personal project, work for one of my freelance clients or out of sheer-intrigue and curiosity. I have attached my resume which is a reflection of my overall knowledge, experiences, as well as an indicator of my skill-set and software capabilities. On the resume is a link to my website, I believe you will be pleased with the work I have on display. I would love the opportunity to speak with you to further discuss my qualifications and prove to you why I will be a perfect match for this role and an excellent contributor to your team. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. Sincerely, Mike Orrico
Design, Media & Architecture
3D Design
Architectural Rendering
Concept Art
Graphic Design
Malaz Sami
Illustrator and character designer Malaz Sami, Design, Media & Architecture
PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Highly skilled illustrator. Extremely versatile and great communicator. Track record of achieving exceptional results in stylization and realism. SKILLS - Photoshop - Krita - Illustrator - Sculptris PORTFOLIO https://www.artstation.com/malazkaboom EXPERIENCE NOVEMBER 2018 - CURRENT illustrator | Freelance commissions - Working on different illustrations sporting various themes and styles. - Creating rough style sketches and composition variations for the client to pick from. - Discussing the different dimensions of story telling to be explored to farther solidify the concepts. SEPTEMBER 2019 - SEPTEMBER 2019 Competitor | inkSPARK | Raleigh, NC Won second place in the SPARKcon's inkSPARK event 2019, all competitors were announced a theme (Warehouse party) on the spot, and given 90 minutes to illustrate their ideas on a 100 cm x 100 cm canvas, in front of a crowd. The winners were selected by the audience's votes. JULY 2019 - AUGUST 2019 Volunteer | Artspace | Raleigh, NC - Prepared the necessary materials for the scheduled classes. - Offered aid to the participants of the class in completing their tasks. - Took attendance and escorting students to their parents at the end of the day. DECEMBER 2017 - FEBRUARY 2018 illustrator and Author | Graduation project: Zaloot (Children's picture book). | khartoum, Khartoum - Took on Publishing duties, from designing the hard copy of the book, to it's printing process. - Wrote the narrative for the book and how it's aligned in each page. - Created promotional material (posters and stickers). JANUARY 2017 - MARCH 2017 Book illustrator | Goethe-Institut Sudan | Khartoum, Sudan - Conferred with clients, editors, writers, art directors, and other interested parties regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced. - Rendered drawings, illustrations, and sketches of buildings, manufactured products, or models, working from sketches, blueprints, memory, models, or reference materials. EDUCATION 2018 Bachelor of Arts: Creative multimedia Future university, Al Khurtum, Khartoum GPA 3.56. Graduated first in class.
Design, Media & Architecture
Adobe InDesign
Concept Art
John David Autry
United States, Columbia
Freelance Graphic/Logo designer and Illustrator John David Autry, Design, Media & Architecture
Always, I try to go further and beyond to improve my skills and work hard to complete tasks. I strive to make sure I understand the objective. I tend to use artistic methods in various ways to study or complete a project. My interest in varied forms of art, Japanese Language and Culture, and many other subjects that inspire me to find new experiences to better myself. Although logo design may seem simple, one can make a near endless amount of very unique ideas. Through software such as Paint Tool Sai and GIMP, I have made a number of designs for friends, family, and an independent online business that uses my designs for selling various merchandise. My involvement in the Japanese Language Acquisition & Culture club (JLAC) at Oakland University gave me a lot of time to practice expressing club themes through logo designs of the events planned. Whether it was for lectures of Japanese sumo wrestling, calligraphy, translations of articles, etc., the experience trained me to handle multiple tasks in planning/setting up events, advertising said events to appropriate classes, contacting professors, and even preparing the necessary supplies for each meeting (some hosted by myself). There are many clients whom I've worked with. (Transportation and Utility industries as well as Faith-based organizations. I recently worked on a logo for a work-on-progress trucking company. It is shown in the portfolio PDF. From its design among others that I have done, it shows a fine mixture of a clear and concise image that describes the desired concept but it still holds a unique look. The lightning graphic in the circle surrounded by the truck graphic above and the text below was the specific request desired by the client.
Design, Media & Architecture
Concept Art
Banner Design
Logo Design
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