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Piyush Lambat
Finance Executive Piyush Lambat, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Determining the finance structure of the organization, to maintain the debt to equity ratio of the organization so as to ensure the interest of the equity holders and the debt holders from risk due to cash crunch and default risk. To maintain the key financial ratios as per the industry norms like debt to equity, current ratio, quick asset ratio. Making investment for the organization in equity shares, ETF, Commodity like Gold Petals, Currency like USDINR and Nifty Futures. Making Project report for raising the loans for the organization and all the documentation ready for the smooth functioning of the same. Reviewing the Audit report of statutory auditor and resolving all the queries for the completion of audit. Filing of necessary Forms with the Registrar of companies. Finalization of accounts and having control over all the accounting entries and payments. Giving overall comment on the deal with the ventures from financial and Tax perspective. Incorporated the organization to make it stand legal separate entity. As Fixins Services is E-Commerce platform, I have been into operations as well like making deals with vendors to get registered on the company’s website and application and making the final deal of percentage of gain sharing arrangements.
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Account Payables Management
Bank Reconciliation
Corporate Income Tax
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