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Operations Officer Edelyn Toribio, Edelyn Toribio, Edelyn Toribio, Sales & Marketing
 Ensures budget management and efficiency of the Operations  Lead the development and implementation of standards, guidance and processes within departments ensuring that effective control is in place to monitor adherence  Participate to the management of change processes focusing on improving team engagement and performance  Lead monitoring, evaluation and analysis of company objectives to ensure that departmental activities are continually assessed, and the findings used to inform departmental and activity developments  Mentor, coach and manage people for continued development of a high performing team to ensure achievement of set objectives  Represents the company in building strong investor relationships and collaboration to align funds with wider company goals and activities  Manages the direction of the company towards Vendor Partnership programs and structures that will contribute to effectively capture and meet the expectations from operations  Provide leadership and vision to the Company by formulating strategy plans in Sales and Supply Chain  Analyzes the recruitment and contracting of company staff and project contractors  Manage marketing opportunities to ensure continuity of profitable sales and leads generation  Manages in linking business operations with an effective financial system  Engage in increasing awareness and transparency of company services offered to the Field by Technical Managers and its team
Sales & Marketing
Sales Account Management
Sales Management
Software Sales
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