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Sushma Raj
Software Engineer Sushma Raj, Engineering & Science
Final year Engineering student who is passionate about designs and web illustration tools such as Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. PROJECTS/ INTERNSHIPS: a) Successfully managed to complete a project on Reusable Rockets in 2016(Innovative Project Lab-BNMIT). b) Art Gallery Management Mini Project during 5th semester using Database Management Systems. c) Implementation of Seasons of India using B+ Trees using File Structures as 6th semester mini project. d) Internship at Asia University, Taiwan on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for 2 weeks in July,2019. e) Internship at Pluto7 - ML and Smart Analytics Experts (Jan, 2020-March,2020). COMPUTER LANGUAGES KNOWN: a) Well versed in C, C++, Java and Python (Basics of React.js). b) Successfully completed courses in php, MySQL, Java, C, CPP and Python. ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATES: a) Certificate for computer language for: php, MySQL, Java, C, CPP and Python organized by IIT, Bombay 2019. b) Additional participation certificate from the department of entrepreneurial cell. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: a) Organizing Team Member of Events in TATVA, BNMIT’s semi-technical fest. b) Member of the Campaigning Team for TATVA, BNMIT. c) Member of the Sponsorship Team for TATVA, BNMIT. d) Participating in intra as well as inter collegiate corporate related events. AREAS OF OTHER INTERESTS: a) Public Speaking. b) Corporate related activities. c) Participating in awareness camps and drives. d) Sketching. e) Marketing Ops. f) Use of various Adobe tool for Photo Editing (Photoshop, Illustrator). g) UI/UX Designing h) Web development using HTML and CSS
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