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Mahadeva Swamy K M
Information Security Administrator Mahadeva Swamy K M, Engineering & Science
Develop ,Troubleshoot, implement policies, standards, documents & guidelines related to information security. VPN (Cisco & Zscaler), Endpoint Security(SEP & Crowdstrke), PKI and External DNS are key areas.Expertise on handling requests and incidents. * Have an Experience of 2yrs. 1. VPN ( Cisco & Zscaler) # Facilitation support in Remote access VPN by provisioning the VPN access to various Employees and Contractors working remotely for LS&Co on time. # Playing a key role in Troubleshooting,Configuring,implementing and Documenting L2 level VPN related issues. # Worked on Cisco and Zscaler application and have a proper grip on their functionality. 2. Endpoint Security ( SEP and Crowdstrike) # Managing and administrating various security polices on Retail and Corporate machines. # Expert on Reports , Auditing for compliance and maintaining balanced security posture on overall organization. # Configuring policies, Troubleshooting AV related tickets and incidents. # Worked on SEP and Crowdstrike Clients and have a proper knowledge on their functionality. 3.PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) # Handling User, Machine, server certificate requests both internally and externally. # Played a major role in provisioning around 500+ certificates within a week during pandemic and successfully closed the Digicert contract which saves a huge finance to client. # Have a sufficient knowledge on Digicert, Entrust, Keyfactor CA. 4.External DNS (UltraDNS) # Assigned a new responsibility on External DNS(UltraDNS) technology # Handling a tickets in creating a various type of DNS records.
Engineering & Science
Telecommunications Engineering
Allen Coward
Network Engineer Remote Allen Coward, Engineering & Science
Allen Coward January 25, 2021 Dear Hiring Manager, I saw your employment announcement online for a Network Engineer Remote and was very interested. I have over 25 years of experience in Information Technology in multiple industries (healthcare, government, finance, legal, and manufacturing). I have a broad range of experience working on servers, desktops, applications, databases, and over 15 years focused directly on networking. For 6½ years I worked as a Senior Network Engineer designing and implementing new networks, documenting and maintaining existing networks, bringing outdated infrastructure up to date and making design changes to improve performance and security while reducing IT operational costs. Some examples of this were implementing DMVPN over DIA in fourteen remote locations and DMVPN over cellular in seven locations to significantly reduce carrier costs and provide high availability, designing and implementing multiple dish PTP solutions to expand campus networks at low cost, implementing a segmented guest wireless in twelve locations to improve the companies security posture, and working on a project to enhance and secure a company-wide wireless infrastructure. I have done extensive work purchasing, configuring, installing, and supporting a variety of network devices (firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, WAN optimizers, proxies, etc.). I have also done extensive work implementing layer 3 cores switches, layer 2 access switches, and managing and improving cable plants. I have documented and diagramed multiple network infrastructures and consider documentation an essential function of an IT job. While security has always been an integral part of any network project, I have become more involved with security initiatives, doing work on proposals for secure web gateways, next generation firewalls, IDS/IPS, multi-factor authentication, and network access control. I have done extensive work troubleshooting many different types of network issues (WAN, LAN, wireless and heat maps, DMVPN, VPN, BGP, EIGRP, HSRP, ACLs, NAT, SBR, QoS, PVSTP, port-channels, 802.1x, Radius, etc.) and analyzing ways to improve inefficiencies and repair failures. I have also done extensive work on network monitoring systems, working primarily with Orion Solarwinds and Cisco Prime and used data collected from these systems to monitor bandwidth utilization and availability trends and do capacity planning. I have both implemented and maintained Solarwinds deployments of NPM, NCM, NTA, UDT, and VNQM. I have used Solarwinds IPAM to manage and document subnets and IP address allocation. I am very familiar with the OSI model and was certified in foundational ITIL service management in 2005. I have done work on Cisco VoIP with CUBE routers and SIP trunks and assisted a Network Administrator in a critical project to complete and improve the performance of the voice system. I have done a variety of work on smaller projects implementing wireless networks, system monitoring, VPN remote access, RADIUS, and mobile device management. I have considerable experience evaluating carriers, managing carrier costs, and doing analysis on circuits for land lines and fixed wireless costs. I have also worked directly with vendors to implement new systems and resolve issues. In all these positions, design, analysis, diagnosis, and decision-making skills were vitally necessary to insure the functionality and integrity of critical systems. I enjoy learning new technologies and using them to improve the areas I work in. I also enjoy collaborating and working with others in a team environment. I believe that the primary purpose of any work I perform is to use my skills and experience to help my employer succeed and provide outstanding service and support to our customers. In the positions I have held, I have interacted with management, analysts, engineers, end-users, and vendors on daily basis and worked with them to develop solutions and resolve problems. Thank you for your consideration. I would be happy to make myself available for a interview at your convenience. Respectfully, Allen Coward
Engineering & Science
Digital Electronics
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