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Sydney Sullivan
United States, Portland
Academic Writer and Researcher Sydney Sullivan, Writing & Content
My name is Sydney Sullivan and I have a great interest in your recently advertised position. I graduated with my Masters in English Literature from the University of Arizona and have been accepted into a fully-funded PhD in Education program at the University of California, Davis where I will be attending and teaching classes for the next five years. My research in Education concerns first-year college students and how to better incorporate well-being and mental health practices into writing curricula. I am interested in how digital rhetoric—such as how students communicate through social media—affect their ability to connect with people on an interpersonal level, and how we may develop conversations in the classroom that further interest students in the rhetorics of their digital lives. In two years of teaching, and six years of being a student, I have found college to be a place where many students come not only to become educated, but to learn more about themselves. I am interested in adding to conversations on social justice and digital rhetorics by helping students cultivate and participate in conversations about digital rhetoric’s place in their lives through pedagogy centered around well-being. I understand well-being as a state of mind in which we are aware, engaged, and seeking meaning in the world around us. Yet stereotypical ideas of technology seem to represent the opposite of these well-being practices: students are “disengaged” when they are on their phones, or “unaware” of others around them. My question is not, how do we get rid of technology, but rather, how can technology inculcate well-being in college spaces? I found this position extremely fitting given my background in writing and literacy. A job with a focus such as this gives me confidence that I will be in a position I am passionate about, which I hope will allow me to be a productive employee.
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