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shreya naware
Customer care agent Shreya Naware Data Entry & Admin Shreya Naware, Data Entry & Admin
Experienced and reliable customer service officer with extensive experience providing assistance in a busy call center setting. Strong dedication to helping customers resolve issues and cultivating a positive image of the company. Excel in both team environments and alone. Proven ability to listen attentively, solve problems quickly and efficiently, and create high-quality professional relationships with callers. Fully committed to following company procedures and winning loyal customers. Skills -Capable of handling a variety of disputes and facilitating quick and efficient resolutions over the phone. -Proven ability to multitask and use multiple phones and other technical devices while providing exceptional customer service. -Proficient understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and the internet. -Can utilize upselling prowess to sell additional products to customers or clients after providing assistance. -Able to enter large quantities of data into computer and retrieve important information in a brief period of time. Capable of entering data while remaining online with several customers at once. -Strong verbal communication skills allow for the fostering of strong bonds with customers during all interactions. -Able to thrive and meet company standards in a busy call center environment both alone and in s team.
Data Entry & Admin
Customer Service
Email Handling
Excel VBA
Qualitative Research
Technical Support
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Rachel Chanderdatt
United States, New York
Administrative Assistant Rachel Chanderdatt, Data Entry & Admin
I am a fervent advocate for hands-on action which is why I served under the AmeriCorps program, the FoodCorps. In my service, I worked with a local nonprofit, Harlem Grown, to fight the food injustices that exist in the community. My tasks include grant writing, urban-farming education, K-5 cooking classes and community engagement. A big part of working at a non-profit is picking up the slack where need be. Because of this, I gained vital experience on things such as grant budgeting, event planning, and maintaining contact with city council members. My work with Harlem Grown was especially important to me because it not only gave me a chance to see what it takes to run a successful nonprofit, but it also allowed me to fulfill my personal passion of aiding communities that would benefit from my help the most. Besides my hands-on work through service, I also have a qualitative research paper in the process of publication, "Making a Microaggression: Using big data and qualitative analysis to map the reproduction and disruption of microaggressions through social media.” This project was heavily reliant my keen attention to detail and analytic skills to understand the data. This also allowed me to gain vital experience using computer programming software to make meaning out of large quantities of data. My research topic, microaggressions, encompasses a plight that many minority groups face every day. My research gave me a deeper understanding of the qualms that come with intersectionality, making my perspective inclusive and diverse, especially as I pursue my future career in law and policy. My most recent jobs as a paralegal equipped me with a lot of administrative experience. I was responsible to maintaining the lawyer’s calendar, scheduling appointments, and organizing case files. A big part of my role as a paralegal was handling client interactions. This encompassed anything from giving them case updates to processing court documents for them. As a paralegal I was able to work around difficult deadlines successfully because of my detailed organization and efficiency. I am confident that my experience as a paralegal and in all my other jobs have prepared me with foundational skills to succeed
Data Entry & Admin
Customer Support
Data Analytics
Excel VBA
General Office
25 $
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