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Safiya Naaz Shaikh
India, Mumbai
Full Stack Web Developer and Machine Learning Engineer Safiya Naaz Shaikh, Websites, IT & Software
I am co-founder of Insights4all organization that provides programming courses to beginners and I have build complete website of Insights4all using expressjs and mongodb. I'm a Data Science geek, having worked experience with Financial Technology Companies as an Intern. I am exploring and implementing machine learning algorithms like regression,classification and clustering algorithms. I am good at finding the best algorithm for the given data and extracting relevant features from unstructured data. During my Machine Learning Internship I have worked on Artificial Neural Networks,Prediction Models, Data Processing , Data Analysis ,Data Visualizations,Exploratory Data Analysis and deployed Machine learning model using Flask framework which helped companies to add more value to thier business.I have also done Web mining using Python. I have completed course named on Machine Learning and Data Science Hands on with Python from Udemy , Diploma in Python Programming from Alison,Python for Data Science :Intermediate from Dataquest.io. Worked on Projects like : 1.Financial Distress Classification using MultiLayerPerceptron. 2.Port Prediction using Artificial Neural Network. 3.Data Visualisation on Lenders Dataset. 4.Covid-19 Data Visualisation. 5.Diabetes Prediction. 6.Car Price Prediction. 7.Iris Data Classification using RF,SVM. 7.Text Recognition and Face Recognition using Machine Learning. 8.Sentiment analysis using NLP. 9.Gender Classification using OpenCV. I am a volunteer at Machine Learning India community where we conduct workshops on Machine Learning for Interested Students all over India.
Websites, IT & Software
Farhat Shahir
Software Engineer Farhat Shahir, Websites, IT & Software
Developing web applications for the last 4 years using both PHP and Python following the SOLID principle. Have working experience on the microcontroller platform. Developed backend applications and REST APIs. Developed automation tools using Python. Programming Languages: Python, PHP, C/C++, JavaScript Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB. Frameworks: Flask, Laravel, Lumen, Django, FastApi, Selenium. Version control system: Git, Git-flow. What should you expect from me? 1. Developing applications following SOLID principles. 2. Writing clean reusable code. 3. Hardcore follower of CRY principle. To me, writing the same code twice is a sin. 4. Repository Pattern for Laravel and modular pattern for any python application. 5. Always follow best practices. 6. Database designing with database normalization principles. What do I provide? 1. Complete web application. 2. Boilerplate for Laravel projects. 3. REST API development 4. Database design. 5. Unit testing and automation testing. 6. Scripts/Tool development using PHP and Python. I believe writing messy and bad code can destroy a product and even company. It's my duty to defend my code. I hate windows OS and love Linux over many things. Note: If you think you are in a terrible rush then I'm not for you. If you want a perfectionist and quality over quantity, I'm the one you are looking for.
Websites, IT & Software
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