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Eric Brown
Social Media Expert Eric Brown, Websites, IT & Software
Programmer with a wide range of language proficiency. Multiple years of experience in Server Engine Development (C++), Gameplay Engineering (C++, C, Lua, XML, OpenGL), Database Administration & Development (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle Database, MariaDB) Proven Web Development/Administration experience (HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, Ruby). Demonstrated knowledge with WordPress, Drupal, and Bootstrap frameworks for eCommerce, Personal Blogs, Startup & Small Businesses Sites, as well as Database Integration for Video Game's Automatic Account Creator (AAC). Highly proficient with GNU/Linux and the Bash/Dash Terminal. Ability to configure a secure web server environment using Rate Limiting, CORS, Payload Size Restrictions, JSON, and SSL Websockets. I provide more vulnerable websites with an Intrusion Detection System, Firewall and Port Configuration, Automated Incident Response, Comprehensive Database and Web Data Backups, as well as various Performance Optimizations like CDN Configurations, Code Minification, and Image Compression. Professional experience in Social Media Management and Marketing, including a background with Search Engine Optimization (On and Off-Site), Search Engine Marketing, Keyword Research, Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads/Facebook Pixel. Knowledge of the Electronics and Computer Hardware Manufacturing Industry. Including Circuit Board Printing, Stuffing, Soldering, Wave Soldering, Low Level Driver Installation, Testing and Debugging. Experience with Residual-Resistance Ratios, ESD Safety Protocols, and lastly, the building of complex hybrid subtle energy revitalization therapy machines (Example: the BioCharger NG).
Websites, IT & Software
Social Networking
Google PageSpeed Insights
Social Media Management
Google Analytics
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