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Bridget Horstmann
Remote Work Data Entry/Social Media Bridget Horstmann, Data Entry & Admin
Skills & Abilities MANAGEMENT · I love to learn new things and take on new challenges. · I can handle several tasks at one time. · I run a few social media channels at my current job. I am responsible for creating content, posting and keeping the numbers up. SALES · When I believe in a product, I can sell it. · I have been selling publishing and marketing options for my current company for 13.5 years. COMMUNICATION · I have great communication. I can effectively write emails, pick up the phone and explain what needs to be done. · I take detailed notes. · I love to talk and get to know people. Experience MARKETING SPECIALIST | OUTSKIRTS PRESS | JUNE 2006 - CURRENT · My job as a marketing specialist is helping authors market their book. I help them purchase marketing options that will help their book out there in the book world. · I also answer the companies phone line for their marketing department. · I help solve any issues that come up with published authors. · I fine-tune author’s brief descriptions, so their book displays very well in the magazine · I deal with any complaints that a published author might and try to correct the issue and solve the problem without involving a supervisor. · I help create book videos, I create custom postage for authors, update book descriptions on Amazon. I also work with book reviewers to help our authors gain book reviews. Review help sell the book, so reviews are a must. AUTHOR REPRESENTATIVE | OUTSKIRTS PRESS | JUNE 2006 - CURRENT · My job is to assist my authors in helping make the right selections for their book. · I work with the author and their production team to help make their book everything they ever dreamed of. · I spend time on the phone with the author building a good reputation with them. · I also work with the author when and if they are upset with any issue. I need to try and solve the problem before involving a supervisor. SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANT | OUTSKIRTS PRESS | NOVEMBER 2016 – DECEMBER 2018 · Come up with content to put out on the company’s social media sites · Ran analytics monthly to make sure our social media is growing, and we are driving new customers to our company. · I also helped assist the President and CEO of the company with various projects. · Write social media content for company accounts FREELANCE WRITER | OUTSKIRTS PRESS | NOVEMBER 2016 – CURRENT · Write articles based on client guidelines · Ensure all articles are grammatically correct and factual · Write company correspondence on a daily basis for authors · Write book descriptions for online content · Write book descriptions for newly published books that are used online to market the book online REALTOR| EXP REALTY LLC | MAY 2019 – CURRENT · Help clients buy/sell or invest in real estate · Be their advocate and make sure all contracts are filled out properly · Market their property · Have their back in all transactions OFFICE MANAGER| LAKE COUNTRY CORPORATION | AUGUST 1999 – FEBRUARY 2005 · My job was to assist the VP of Manufacturing in his day to day jobs. · I would run safety meetings · When hiring I would oversee the applicants and run them through the first interview. · I would oversee ordering tools and safety supplies for the shop · I would oversee making sure the correct paperwork was pulled for the shop and making sure expedited orders would go out in time.
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