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Ermioni Kontolaimaki
Graphic Designer Ermioni Kontolaimaki, Design, Media & Architecture
I started as a graphic designer (by falling in love with Adobe Suite in IOS system) at the age of 20 and never ever did something different. The design process for me it was like love at first site and this feeling never changed... even now! Till the year 2012 i was "traveling" through agencies. I've learned a lot about advertising from graphics view. In general i pooled experience from the moment of the brainstorming and the birth of an idea - concept till every way of expressing that. It was really a fantastic journey! Apart from that there was a year that i wanted to try teaching to new designers and to be honest this was quite a challenge. After that i made a small turn to the digital part. I 've joined a start up, small but very passionate team that was focused on gambling games on mobiles remotely. Apart from my professional experience i 've participated in various institutes - workshops like, photography, web design, 3D design, decoration, pottery, creative writing and some others in outdoor activities that (of course) have nothing to do with graphics. Now days, apart from my work (self-employed), i' ve turned on my antennas at the learning field and started studying at European University Psychology for Bachelor's degree. So, in small words that's me who likes creativity, who lives for creating and would like to see more in her life. Best regards, Hermioni Kontolaimaki
Design, Media & Architecture
App Designer
Brand Identity & Strategy
Concept Design
Website Design
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