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Bogdan Caba
Romania, Cluj-Napoca
High-Ticket Closer, High-Income Copywriter, High-Income Consultant & Adviser Bogdan Caba, Writing & Content
WHO AM I As a child, I was highly competitive, always looking for a challenge (games, video games, activities). At age 15, after joining High School, I became very strict with my schedule, partially because I was still dealing with the loss of a loved one and partially because I cared about 4 things: School, Cambridge ESOL, Basketball and World of Warcraft. I cared about the present, the future, my teams and being competitive both offline as well as online. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT & WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR YOU I persevered through hard work, conviction, commitment and a magnificent obsession for success and significance. I stayed the course and never made a permanent decision to solve a temporary problem. In life, nothing happened to me, everything happened for me. My goals & dreams, my success and significance seek no approval, thus I am able to keep around me people that help me grow, stay disciplined and laser-beam focused. My environment started working in my favor at the same time I decided to invest in myself and learn high income skills. The result? I discovered the power of a wealthy mindset, healthy and productive habits and the massive impact that my skills of copywriting, closing, consulting and advising can produce in this world. With the right tools in the belt and alongside the right team I truly believe any problem is solvable. HOW CAN YOU LEVERAGE MY SKILL SET FOR YOUR BUSINESS As a student of the arts of closing and copywriting I am able to guide people and businesses towards Strategic Financial Scalability and Brand Social Recognition. I go daily through a process of learning, relearning and practicing my skills so that I can always be at the top of the game, fishing with an army of nets and rods in a blue ocean market. My power comes with the extent of my role and results follow those that swim towards me. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ME The difference between belief and conviction is that beliefs change with time and trends. I value conviction because that allows me to deliver Real Results whilst preserving Core-Values and operate ethically, morally and by the law. I have years of experience working with various characters and personality types in both B2C and B2B settings. There is no algorithm to make up for 14 years of evaluated, competitive experience and knowledge. HOW TO CONTACT ME If you are either an employee or entrepreneur looking for guidance or growth during these times of disruption then reach out to me here on linked-in or contact me
Writing & Content
Online Writing
Content Writing
SEO Writing
Forum Posting
30 $
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