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Nenad Bjegovic
Graphic and UI/UX designer Nenad Bjegovic, Design, Media & Architecture
I used to write novels about my expertise trying not to forget something. My summaries were usually ended with a bunch of information. In the end, even I was not a fan of going through all of it, trying to find and correct some spelling mistakes :). I can only imagine how it all looked to the HRs. I love my job. Otherwise, I would not spend so many years upgrading myself from a simple graphic designer to a UI/UX specialist, which I mostly do today. When I turn back and look all of these years behind, I cannot believe things that I have been dealing with, from simple graphic design, prepress, press, typography, photo retouching, illustrations, promotional campaigns, advertising, photography, gaming, complicated UI/UX projects, from brief to prototypes, working on it alone or as a part of the team, negotiating with clients, presenting them any kind of work, with tight deadlines or not, infected with scrum ways of thinking and the most important thing, still learning, or should I better say, happy when learning. Of course, in all these years some highly creative guys invented a nice tools that I have been using like Mac OS, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, PPT, Jira, Confluence, Balsamiq, InVision, XD, SketchApp, Figma, having enough of HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding knowledge so that some developer, not being a fan of design, could not tell me “this cannot be done”. Flash gave me principles of “moving”, and SEO to think about thinking smart of web content.
Design, Media & Architecture
Banner Design
Graphic Design
User Interface Design
Photo Retouching
Website Design
Nick Delhanidis
Graphic Designer, Powerpoint Design, Web Design, Digital Design Nick Delhanidis, Design, Media & Architecture
A designer with around 20 years of total experience designing for print and digital applications. DIGITAL HISTORY -------------------------- Though my design origins are print media related, i have been always closely involved with digital applications as well to the degree that at a period of time my occupation included, besides the design part, the structuring and coding as well, creating in total interactive applications such as multimedia cd-rom executables, info kiosk applications and websites. Having been actively involved in the developing process and related tools shaped a more efficient understanding and functional collaboration since with numerous developers on deliverin competent interactive solutions. DESIGN PROCEDURE -------------------------------- My expertise and focus reside mainly on designing the visual component of a given communication and / or user interaction process. My workflow in doing so usually involves extensive research (foremost about the given subject) on achieving solutions that convey the project message in a functional way that corresponds to the principles of visual communication, user experience and contemporary aesthetics, complying at the same time to the technical traits of the means involved as well as the marketing/conversion requirements. HIGHLIGHTS ------------------- Some notable points on my professional course would include the website design of a internationally acclaimed aluminum industry, the creation of the whole visual communication package for an international defense systems fair, extending from the naming and branding, to the copy-writing, text and collection of imagery, to the design of all media involved, print and online. Packaging designs for a main building materials industry in the Balkans region and the logo of a popular comedy show in Greek television. The logo and graphics concept of annual Thessaloniki International Fair for three consecutive years. TRAITS ----------- • Working for more than a decade in a creative studio with a broad clientele from the architecture / construction / technical / industry field, provided me an additional specialized experience related with projects from that spectrum. • I am attracted to technical occupations and I enjoy in general technical troubleshooting, especially IT related, both software and hardware. • I can work with WordPress and Elementor and i am currently expanding in this combination as i have a genuine interest in WordPress and its established in general visual builders ecosystem. • I am highly proficient in Photoshop. • I am a seasoned photographer • I can work (and deliver) with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate • I can work with Powerpoint and design quality presentations, templates, themes • I can find my way around HTML , CSS & JS SAMPLES -------------- • behance.net/nickdelhanidis • monographix.me FINAL WORD ------------------- I believe that my long and multi-dimensional experience as a graphic and web designer and my friction in general with digital marketing as well as my constant learning attitude, can make up competitively for most design situations. if you feel that the desire to learn combined with overall digital marketing and visual communication design experience are key enough factors, i'd be happy to respond to a call or message. Thank you for checking. Nick Delhanidis
Design, Media & Architecture
Logo Design
Presentation Design
Website Design
Brochure Design
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