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Leyla Bajoul
Ukraine, Kyiv
Graphic and social marketing designer Leyla Bajoul, Design, Media & Architecture
My name is Leyla Bajoul Graphic and social marketing designer. International graphic designer with 13 years of success in Iranian and Malaysian markets. I am known for my passion for growing your business through advertising, my dictation to delivering designs of the highest caliber quickly on time, and within budget. I have extensive experience in an international business setting across a variety of different industries. As part of your design team, I can bring more than my professional skills, artistry, and talents as an individual contributor. I have experience training and managing fledgling designers grow their artistic wings, learn the skills, tools, and personal discipline necessary to deliver quality products on time. This allows your advertising team to flourish as successful individual contributors to their fullest potential as an artist and human beings while having fun. On a personal level, I am known for my uncompromising artistry, my business acumen, and human touch in discovering and analyzing client needs and desires. With this palate, I create a logo, advertisements and other materials that synthesizes both the client’s and their customer’s perception into a harmonize campaign, capable of achieving From a technical perspective, I have experience using and teaching the following design software packages: • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Adobe Acrobat • Photography • Word Press • Corel Draw • Figma • Adobe XD
Design, Media & Architecture
Brand Identity & Strategy
Banner Design
User Experience Design
Adobe InDesign
Alexey Dugnist
Ukraine, Poltava
Fullstack Javascript Developer (Node.Js/React.Js) Alexey Dugnist, Websites It Software
When I take a new project - I ask myself: How to make it scalable and simple in understanding for the customer and other developers who works with me? How to accelerate tasks, lead time, without losing code quality, and how to add more soul into the project because I am proud of what I do! My sources of the inspiration are: blockchain, neural networks, artificial intelligence. Also, I write own open-source experiments (https://github.com/Dugnist/jsberry). Now I create a complex JavaScript (server-side / client-side) applications using next technologies: Backend: Node.js, Microservices. REST, GraphQL, WebSockets, RTMP, SSE. Frameworks: Express, JSBerry, Nest, Restify, Koa, Hapi. Databases: Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL. Prisma.io. Crypto API: Bitcoin, Ethereum. DevOps Tools: Docker, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, PM2. TDD/BDD: Mocha, Jasmine. Social API: Auth0, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitch, Steam, Twitter, VK. REST APIs: AWS (S3, Cognito, Lambda), Dropbox, Google API's, Twillio, Outlook Live. Payments: Stripe, Paypal. Frontend: React.js (Rematch, Redux, Saga), Next.js, Vue.js (Vuex). Modular structure, SPA, PWA. HTML5, CSS3 (vanilla) Flex, Sass, Material UI, PrimeReact. Webpack, Browserify, Parcel. Responsive Design (from 300px to 2500px). Fetch, GraphQL, WebSockets, SSE, WebRTC (p2p). API: Auth0, Google maps, Leaflet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK.
Websites, IT & Software
React Native
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