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Raj Shikder
Bangladesh, Dhaka
Search Engine Optimizer Raj Shikder, Sales & Marketing
I will power your property's SEO performance with a proven and comprehensive optimization process. The trick to success is to approach a property’s SEO as an ecosystem. My goal is to ensure that the ecosystem is healthy and that it sends the signals that Google needs to see for better performance in organic search. A three step process is the best way forward: ° SEO audit/action plan: An in-depth technical audit that will ensure that every ranking signal in your property aligns with search engine algorithms. A prioritized action plan makes implementation easier for you. ° Keyword Research/Content Development Strategy: This piece is to line up keywords with visitor intent. More importantly, it prioritizes keywords in content silos so that your property sends the right expertise and authority signals to search engines and visitors. This will take your SEO to the next level, and it will help provide a better experience for your visitors on site. ° Advanced on-page optimization: A detailed review of your on-page copy to ensure that it uses keywords appropriately and that your on-page copy is structured to clearly signal what your content is communicating to visitors. Beyond full SEO optimization campaigns, I provide additional specialized SEO services: ° Indexing audits ° Site migration strategy ° Full backlink profile audits ° Pre-purchase due diligence audit ° Server Log File audit
Sales & Marketing
Keyword Research
Search Engine Optimization
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