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Jennifer Nawrocki
Virtual Office Manager Jennifer Nawrocki, Data Entry & Admin
Guaranteeing you will not find someone who is as diversely experienced like myself. For example, within those 2 pages my resume offers the expansive career, volunteer endeavors and personal interests accomplished since I joined the work force. Though all these opportunities gave me the ability to relate and understand the needs and wants of clientele and coworkers both personally and professionally. Within these work environments I maintained non managerial and leadership roles thereby allowing me to succeed and companies to prosper over the years. From creating 3-D models of plane parts for a Boeing subcontractor, to directing a children’s play, working in a restaurant, selling merchandise, being a rental office manager as well as fundraising and educating others my basic knowledge of how systems and personnel interact would be beneficial for your company. I excel in designing and creating from scratch though am able to easily follow a model using materials available and gaining those that aren’t. I am able to build a rooms atmosphere to look like a beach or embody elegant austere. In the process I can break down any task to teach someone who has never heard of it before. I know when to step in and build strength and when step down to allow others the confidence of achieving teamwork goals. I believe in a capitalist society as long as it doesn’t interfere with humanitarian and environmental requirements. Mostly I am loyal and once you have gained my respect you will find my protection and production values soar. Interview me to see beyond my strengths of trustworthiness, energy and innovation as they balance my weaknesses of inquisitive, caring and a hard working attitude. You will find I am valuable to have as your employee. Sincerely. Jennifer Nawrocki
Data Entry & Admin
Customer Service
Project Managment
Time Management
Knowledge Representation
Email Handling
20 $
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