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Tarlan Isaev
DevOPS Tarlan Isaev, Websites, IT & Software
Remote freelance & learning | Myshkin, Russia Cloud: Digitalocean for customers: deploying budget instances using Terraform & Ansible configuration tools for fast provisioning and configuring the infrastructure in the required state, for subsequent auto-deploy and maintaining the LEMP stack in conjunction with WordPress. Digitalocean for internal testing: environments are also configured and provisioned using Terraform & Ansible. For autotests, I use Jenkins CI/CD on Docker on the Selenium image, in particular the convenient Blueocean plugin from GitHub and GitLab. There are plans to finalize the primitives for auto-testing web applications and uploading reports to Allure on Jenkins. Google Cloud Platform for sandboxing: using for testing infrastructure as code technology for containerizing microservices using Terraform on Kubernetes & Docker to automate routines, autoscaling, load-balancing, cluster behaviour in case of using preemptible nodes. Subsequent experiments with Spark routine workflows via GitLab CI/CD on GCP. IAM policing, state locking in a bucket etc. Incident management monitoring with Prometheus + Grafana on Amixr. Sandbox AWS: Same as GCP, but to a lesser extent. Remote state locking in buckets for Terraform, IAM policing, DynamoDB. Migrating some of my projects from DigitalOcean cloud to my local Nvidia Jetson Nano node Kubernetes and Docker on the board. Using a Mikrotik router to easily manage my local networking environment. Pentesting: Hack The Box: script kiddy, I use various labs (virtual machines) for penetration testing, PrivEsc, brute-force databases. Tools for: Nmap, BurpSuit, Metasploit, BloodHound, SQL injection. More Linux, sometimes Windows machines.
Websites, IT & Software
DevOps Engineering
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