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Design Engineer Eugene Cawit, Engineering & Science
HARDWARE ENGINEER / MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER (July 31, 2017 - Present) Financial Services Department, NCR Cebu Development Center Incorporated. Incorporated (NCR CDCI) Cebu City, Cebu • Develop a new product device to be integrated into the ATM. • Participate in project acceptance meetings and design reviews. • Develop and manages product devices from conceptualization, feasibility studies, and cost analysis up to the acceptance test completion. • Does cost savings analysis on CRVE projects and on new devices development, utilizes GPnet and Kin-axis tools for price and data gathering. • Creates project schedules and timelines using Microsoft office tools. • Develop product concept and hardware components 2D and 3D CAD, using Creo 6. • Ensures proper maintenance and documentation of CAD files using PDMLink and Merlin. • Conducts tolerance analysis of low complexity-assemblies, stress analysis simulation, and finite element analysis (FEA). • Develop and provide (EMN file) physical structure and limits of the Printed Circuit Board Assembly to PCBA team using Creo 3,4 and 6 software. • Does sourcing of possible suppliers for mechanical items, such as but not limited to sheet-metal, plastic parts, and accessories. • Coordinate with purchasing group and supply line managers for the P.O. and procurement of required items, such as but not limited to sheet metal and plastic parts, 3rd party supplied accessories. • Coordinate with supplier for the tracking and on-time delivery of items. • Does travel occasionally for work-related travel such as training, design and production support, supplier line visit and inspection, and other business-related matters. • Conducts inspection and review of all incoming parts and accessories of the ordered items from the supplier. • Prepares Evaluation, Test & Analysis Reports after performing evaluation and testing activities. • Does create jigs, fixtures, and machines using 3D printed parts to be utilized during the Unit test. • Conducts Unit tests on the mechanical limits of the devices with reference to the company’s set standards. • Support factory and field issues (JIRA issues) by providing fixes and countermeasures such as but not limited to component re-design, BOM, Work Instruction (MIDAS), and process updates. • Provide regular updates to HQ Engineering counterpart based in the UK. • Does regular coordination meeting with NPI teams, Global Manufacturing teams based in the UK, and factories based in India and Budapest. • Modifies Design of Component & Assembly Level 3D CAD Models. • Participate in collaboration projects from different teams within the Department. • Organize advice and mentor co-engineers by means of participating in peer review sessions. • Good understanding of other groups out with engineering development e.g. manufacturing, product assembly, testing, procurement, support, etc. • Contributes ideas and concepts for IDR activities with possible patent content. • Develops Kit-instructions, procurement specifications, and other project-related documents. MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER (October 2009- June 2013) SAFETY COORDINATOR (November 2011- June 2013) FCB Engineering Division, Cebu Mitsumi Incorporated (FCB) Sabang, Danao City, Cebu • Does Mechanical designing on both jigs, semi-auto and automatic machines using SOLIDWORKS software. • Participates in specification meetings and gather request or contents of the design. • Does estimate man-hour lead time and project cost. • Does design stress analysis on all designed parts using solid works software before finalization of BOM for fabrication. • Coordinate with both in-house and sub-contractor machine shop for the pricing and efficient design to fabricate parts. • Coordinates with supplier for technical inputs and costs. • Does design documentation like 2D drawing, drawing list, Bill Of Materials, working standards, technical reports. • Creates maintenance, procedural, assembly, and instruction manuals of the designed equipment to be used by both production and the Engineering division itself. • Does mechanical assembly of jigs and machines. • Does electrical wirings and control boxes on semi-auto and auto machines. • Does machine program using KEYENCE PLC and PIC. • Conduct line testing of jigs and machines such Test-Production (TP), Pre-production (PP), and Mass-Production (MP) for proper verification of equipment. • Conducts preventive, predictive, and reactive maintenance and troubleshooting on equipment and machinery and makes sure that LOTO is being enforced. • Conduct training for line SV, AS, technicians, and operators on the efficient and proper operation and troubleshooting of designed equipment used in the production. • Participate in project design review, problem, and equipment analysis and create and update activity schedules. • Check production line for continuous improvement in process, quality, output, and safety of both machine and manpower (KAIZEN). • Coordinate with Central Safety for the dissemination and implementation of safety programs and safety manuals. • Conducts regular technical and general safety inspections on facilities, machinery, and the division perimeter itself. • Creates Emergency Management Planning such as ERT, Emergency flow-charts, anchor point or evacuation site location, and more. • Monitors health, safety, and environmental management-related activities and potential environmental impacts of the projects. PRODUCT ENGINEER/PROCESS ENGINEER (March 2008 – June 2009) PE, R and D Division Philippine Kenko Corporation (PKC) MEPZ 1, Lapu-Lapu City • Administer training, consultations, and assist supervisors and production technicians in solving problems and do implement line improvements. • Creates and conceptualizes jigs, part drawings, item drawing revision of product instruction manuals, and packing instruction manuals. • Makes recommendations regarding proposed designs to ensure products can be produced in conformance with customer’s specifications. • Make product prototypes for customer’s approval • Do syteline and BOM revision, gift box designing, and drawing
Engineering & Science
3D Modeling
Mechanical Engineering
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