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Web Developer, Content Creator, Designing, Creative Writing Ritika Sinha, Writing & Content
Skills- Hard-working, Time management, Communication skills, Creative thinking, Focused, Management skills, Problem solving attitude, Content creation, Botanical sciences Experience- During the Bachelor's I did a summer internship of two months at the post of content writer in a company (LIVESMARTLY) for which I was given a decent stipend and a Certificate Of Appreciation. Through the internship I was assigned leading topics and subjects to write articles on, sometimes there were anecdotes also through which I have to develop a story. Along with it, I have to proofread the articles and additional writings for copy-editing and have to collate it. Each day I was assigned five articles to write which I have to mail till evening. I got this internship on my own and am satisfied with it because writing gives me peace & happiness of mind, it is the time during which I sit calmly and am completely engrossed in making it besides it also helped me in the development of additional skills. I am a fresher and do not have a relevant experience in management but I believe that the skills and the qualities required for this job are quite close to my qualities. I love giving people direction, I love helping people in managing their work, and look forward to work in a team-based environment. I will certainly give my best and manage the time & work well. Moreover, I would like to work with other professionals to improve my skills which will allow me to further contribute to your organization and help in both personal and professional growth. Over time, I have acquired relevant skills and have also worked tirelessly on my communication abilities and teamwork skills, which I will put to use in my future career, which would be in your organization if I got selected for the position. I am a fresh college graduate and is new for this position but I have managed groups and teams in my Master's like, I was an active member of the finance committee of my college, where we have to collect funds for the upcoming events and have to organize things well for its smooth functioning. If you employ me, I will make sure that I give my best and never let you down.
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Stellah Nakiranda
Social Media Marketing. Stellah Nakiranda, Writing & Content
STELLAH NAKIRANDA PERSONAL STATEMENT I am result driven, resourceful, flexible, organized and adaptable individual who is seeking a new challenging to career with considerable working experience in various office environments. My attention to detail and excellent time management skills means that every task is completed efficiently and to the highest possible standard. I am a hard-working individual who strives to achieve the best in all areas and I am always eager to learn new skills and advance my career. I have a calm and patient deposition meaning that I am able to work effectively under pressure and focus on the task at hand. I work well in teams but also independently. I have excellent communication skills both written and verbally and pay greater attention to details in my work. I am dedicated and keen to improve any experience for the benefit of me and the company that I work for. I am a very motivated person who is very keen to have a successful career. I am now looking forward to making a significant contribution to an institution that offers a genuine opportunity for progression. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY November, 2020 to Date. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT, NETZAH SCHOOL UGANDA. Netzah Kindergarten is a Christian-based nursery school that began in 2018. Their mission is to train children to appreciate their God-given purpose and to empower them to grow to their full potential by nurturing their talents and abilities. In this role, I am responsible for planning and deliver activities in the marketing and communication strategy in a structural manner, scheduling all milestones to be achieved. Design and implementation activities to promote the Netzah brand and its programs. Develop and implement a relationship management program intended to build key relationships and partnerships for Netzah to achieve a strong public image and good will. Develop and implement a content plan that includes creating and distributing appropriate material to serve the needs of various audiences. This will include writing and designing unique and well- crafted copy that meets Netzah marketing and communication needs. Develop and implement a digital marketing plan to attract publicity and visibility for Netzah and its programs. Collaborate with Netzah teams to obtain knowledge of their requirements to develop communication concepts that will deliver the key messages to the mandate. Achievements.  Increased number of partnerships and relationships acquired for the school. So far, the school has acquired two partners.  Increased media visibility.  Social media: Set up relevant social media platforms and ensure routine content update and audience engagement. Thus, this improved on the visibility and increased number of followers.  Spear headed website set up and ensured routine maintenance and update of content. Thus, this led to increased online presence and engagement.  Excellent and appropriate content created and distributed in an excellent and timely manner to support the various needs of engagement. Leading to an increase in number of new students that registered to join the school.  Designed and set up sign posts and other key signage at strategic locations that ensure visibility and easy access to the school.  Through conducting staff training on the brand and customer care, I learned to be patient and the importance of working in a team. January, 2019 to October 2019. CREATIVE WRITER | PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (VOLUNTEER), WATOTO CHILD CARE MINISTRIES Watoto Child Care Ministries. Is an organization that began in 1984. It takes care of the most Africa’s vulnerable women and orphaned children. It operates from different countries. Like Australia, America, Canada, Hong Kong, Netherlands, South Sudan and Uganda. In this role, I was responsible for conducting research, preparing assignments, planning, synopsis, proofreading and ensuring logical flow of writings before submission. • Analyze lists/issues by the Ministry to write stories for the website writing and designing content that built key relationship and partnerships both locally and globally for the organization. Generated social media content, which assists in improving engagements on social media pages thus a raise in number of followers because of the persistent content that is always posted in different ways. Hence growing and increasing brand awareness of the organization. • Draft and ensure timely availability of stories to be submitted which increased numbers of stories from the organization circulated to various platforms hence this has led to acquisition of more sponsors for children. Achievements.  Learned different ways of creating content that would be posted on different social media platforms.  Learned interpersonal skill of working well with the team.  Writing press releases interviews, conducting research and editing content that would be out in newsletters and annual report.  Creatively pitched ideas that would be used in marketing, fundraising and marketing for the organization. Hence increase in the number of sponsors for the children. January – April, 2017 INCHARGE OF SPONSORSHIP (VOLUNTEER), GEM FOUNDATION Gem, Foundation. This is a home in Uganda for children with special needs who have been abandoned, abused and orphaned. While here, I developed relevant content to reach the company’s targeted sponsors, I, created curate and managed published content, monitored and answered all queries social. • Developed content that was used in digital marketing which promoted the organization’s brand and programs thus increasing and retaining engagement globally. • Coordinated pitching ideas which helped generate fresh ideas and different ways of presenting content that was used in advertising, fundraising, public relations and marketing the organization. Achievements.  Learned to write press releases.  Carried out interviews and pitched stories to local and national media. Thus, acquired skills of to conduct interviews.  Creatively pitched ideas that would be used in advertising or fundraising for the organization. Hence increasing the brand awareness for the organization. February – June, 2016 NEWS REPORTER (INTERN) 104.1 POWER FM 104.1 Power FM. Is a Watoto Church's engaging radio station in Uganda, that reaches over 100,000 listeners daily. The radio station follows an urban Christian and inspirational music format. While here, I was responsible for delivering updates and analysis on current trends with main goals and objectives to keep the public updated, created stories and breaking news through radio. • Orchestrated contract reviewing between clients and the station through uploading stories on the social media platforms. The company managed to get a large group of followers. • Promoted and participated by developing content in form of picture stories among others that increased brand awareness of the radio station. • Drafted accurate news stories on timely issues which increased numbers of news stories which circulated on the radio station. And thus, I learned how to engage the media Achievements. • Learned how to interview key sources and how to work with media. • Grow in my skill of writing for different media. That is to say for print or broadcast. • Built key relationships with different sources. EDUCATION Bachelors of Mass Communication. Uganda Christian University – Mukono. 2015. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Hope Senior School. 2013. Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Hope Senior School. REFEREE: Solange Nolan. International communications Coordinator (Watoto Child Care Ministries) Kiva Joseph Lecture, Uganda Christian University. Emmalee Joy Quisenberry GEM Foundation Certification. I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this data correctly describes me, my qualifications, and experience. Signed, Stellah Nakiranda.
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