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Farhat Shahir
Software Engineer Farhat Shahir, Websites, IT & Software
Developing web applications for the last 4 years using both PHP and Python following the SOLID principle. Have working experience on the microcontroller platform. Developed backend applications and REST APIs. Developed automation tools using Python. Programming Languages: Python, PHP, C/C++, JavaScript Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB. Frameworks: Flask, Laravel, Lumen, Django, FastApi, Selenium. Version control system: Git, Git-flow. What should you expect from me? 1. Developing applications following SOLID principles. 2. Writing clean reusable code. 3. Hardcore follower of CRY principle. To me, writing the same code twice is a sin. 4. Repository Pattern for Laravel and modular pattern for any python application. 5. Always follow best practices. 6. Database designing with database normalization principles. What do I provide? 1. Complete web application. 2. Boilerplate for Laravel projects. 3. REST API development 4. Database design. 5. Unit testing and automation testing. 6. Scripts/Tool development using PHP and Python. I believe writing messy and bad code can destroy a product and even company. It's my duty to defend my code. I hate windows OS and love Linux over many things. Note: If you think you are in a terrible rush then I'm not for you. If you want a perfectionist and quality over quantity, I'm the one you are looking for.
Websites, IT & Software
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