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Amanda Sweeney
Quality Amanda Sweeney, Websites, IT & Software
PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Smart Quality Team Leader promoting 5+ years of expertise in the automobile sector. Disciplined and committed to pitching in and helping employees with any task. Ready for a new challenge in the field of Quality Control Management. Coming with a demonstrated track record of improving products and procedures by leveraging hands-on inspections, testing methods, and data analysis. Disciplined professional with a systematic approach to reworking products. Applies excellent attention to detail and critical reasoning to successfully conduct experiments. WORK HISTORY QCQA Heartland Automotive. Lafayette, Indiana Quality Control Team Lead | 09/2018 - 01/2020 SKILLS ● Quality Control Checks ● Quality Process Audits ● Scrap Cost Management ● Failure Analysis ● Team Training ● 5S ● Continuous Quality Improvement ● Employee management ● Process improvements ● Client support ● Materials inspections ● Data interpretation ● Testing procedures ● Corrective actions ● The effectiveness company,The team evaluated components and final products against quality standards and manufacturing specifications. ● Monitored performance and generated reports detailing the quality of product and defect rates. ● Performed visual inspections and non-destructive tests where appropriate. ● Prepared reports to dispense information for product teams and compile information supporting long-term company development and success. ● Reassessed quality control measures at systemic level to proactively identify non-conformances. ● Tackled employee conflicts immediately so that issues did not fester but were instead resolved and to make sure work schedules remained unaffected. ● Fostered cooperative, positive working environment for a team by encouraging brainstorming of ideas. ● Remained compliant with federal, state, and municipal regulations relating to the safety of a company and personnel. ● Advised and led process improvement team with deliberation, leadership, and strategic planning. EDUCATION Delphi Community High School Delphi, IN 05/2020 High School Diploma ● Maintained service records, coordinated repairs, and oversaw preventative maintenance of manufacturing equipment. ● Performed testing to assess the effectiveness of products, including success with designed purpose and limitations and adaptations for other purposes. ● Trained, mentored, and evaluated 50 quality control staff members and assisted in recruiting and hiring new personnel McDonald's. Crawfordsville, IN McDonalds- Manager | 09/2018 - 12/2018 ● Expanded cross-functional organizational capacity by collaborating across departments on priorities, functions and common goals. ● Controlled costs and optimized spending via restructuring of budgets for labor, capital assets, inventory purchasing and technology upgrades. ● Compiled data highlighting key metrics to report information, determine trends and identify methods for improving store results. ● Improved operational planning and business frameworks to enhance resource utilization and reduce waste. ● Maximized productivity by keeping detailed records of daily progress and identifying and rectifying areas for improvement. ● Reviewed performance data to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels. ● Applied customer feedback to develop process improvements and support long-term business needs. ● Evaluated employees' strengths and assigned tasks based upon experience and training. Fisher's 2.0. Flora, IN Bar Manager/Owner | 04/2015 - 05/2018 ● Managed day-to-day business operations, including accounting, finance, HR, marketing and public relations. ● Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs. ● Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels. ● Remained up-to-date on current trends and attended over trade shows per year to view and purchase products for resale. ● Conducted target market research to scope out industry competition and identify advantageous trends. ● Reduced budgetary expenditures by effectively negotiating contracts for more advantageous terms. ● Aligned branding initiatives and sales strategies with client goals. ● Managed key accounts, including developing sales presentations and promotion initiatives to drive product sales and increase brand
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