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Divya Prakash
India, Patna
Web Developer Divya Prakash, Websites, IT & Software
I am a sophomore persuing my B.Tech in CSE from National Institute of Technology Patna. My Projects:- i) Official website of NIT PATNA - Revamped the complete website of NIT PATNA using gatsbyjs, mongodb, express, nodejs, html, css, js. (https://www.netlify.web.app) ii) Bihar ke Rakshak - A website for bihar govt. to connect social volunteers at a single platform and solve social problems together.(http://biharkerakshak.com/) iii) Official website of Hackslash - Developed complete official website of Hackslash using Angular, HTML, CSS, TS etc. (hackslash-17.firebaseapp.com/) iv) Railway Security System - Developed the complete website for problem statement given by Ministry of railways in Smart India Hackathon 2020 and became all India finalist for that problem statement.(https://railwaysecurity.web.app/) My work experiences:- i) NITP WEB TEAM - Developed the complete official website of NIT Patna,and designed complete UI for the website ii) HackSlash, NITP – Joint Seceratary, Managed events organized in the Club, Developed website of the club and mentoring other web projects of the club iii) ROBOTICS CLUB NIT PATNA —Lead Web Developer,Developed complete website for Robotics Club, Event Planner, 3D Graphics Designer iv) GirlScript Summer of Code 2020 —Open Source Contributor- Contributed in the web projects of the GSSOC and gained experiences to open-source
Websites, IT & Software
React.js Framework
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