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Sarah Ellman
United States, Westport
Marketing Coordinator- Sarah Ellman, Sales & Marketing
As I'm currently working in sales at Oracle, I'm actively looking to transition into a marketing role. I have gained many valuable skills during my time at Oracle, such as confidence in my communication, the ability to strategize & collaborate with a team, and a built history of strong customer relationships. While I'm thankful for my experience in sales thus far, I'm looking for a more strategic and creative role, which I believe a Marketing Coordinator position at WONO may fulfill. A lot of the listed responsibilities for Marketing Coordinator at WONO directly align with what I've been doing at Oracle during the past year. In regards to market research, a big part of my job is preforming account research and competitive industry research before reaching out to prospects, in order to better understand their unique business and persona challenges. In regards to developing marketing campaigns, I do this weekly at Oracle, constantly coming up with unique messaging to send out to prospects and generate sales leads. And lastly, in regards to presenting, another part of my role is to create customer specific product presentations to show to prospective clients over Zoom. These are just a few of the things I'm involved with at Oracle and would love to dive into more detail and explain how my current skill set could be of value to WONO over the phone. I look forward to your consideration!
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