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Inderjit Saini
Inderjit Singh, FRM | Passed CFA & CAIA | 3 years Analyst work ex with MSCI Inderjit Saini, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Dear Sir/Madam, I am currently about to graduate from the MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking program at EDHEC Business School with a background leveraging the CFA, FRM and the CAIA credentials. Having been worked with MSCI, I diligently understand the skills required to liaise efficiently with clients and various stakeholders and can align my career goals with the group’s passion for creating breakthrough results for clients. Furthermore, my work experience with MSCI, one of the leading providers of Indexes and Benchmarks, helped me develop the skills required to work under a diverse work culture kind of a setting. I have learnt how to perform trend analysis of various real estate markets and produce high standard bespoke reports for clients with scenario testing to help them evaluate their portfolios against various risk/return measures. I also had the chance to showcase my leadership skills by taking responsibilities on various automation projects, client on boarding and undertaking training for the team of new analysts joining MSCI. Lastly the MSc program at EDHEC is helping me strengthen my valuation skills with topics including investment valuation and analysis, structured finance, business strategy and alternative investments, etc. to name a few. I am also selected to be a part of the highly competitive student research team for my report writing abilities. I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for you and will be delighted to meet for an interview. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Inderjit Singh Saini
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Data Analysis
Financial Analysis
Financial Modeling
Real Estate
5 $
United States, Los Angeles
CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE /INSIDE SALES/ CLERK Aristotle Delpilar, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Qualifications • Computer/data entry skills (Database, Spreadsheets, Word processor, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, MS Project, Microsoft Office) • Email/Internet/MS Outlook-fax • multiline phone equipment • Live chat/Instant Messaging • PBX • typing skills( 50 wpm) • excellent verbal and written skills • troubleshooting skills • sales/marketing skills (inbound/outbound) • Knowledge of CRM tools (Salesforce.com) • Knowledge of Quickbooks • foreign language skills • tax accounting software Education • Keller School of Management • DeVry University Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technical Management GPA: 4.0 Courses: Intro to Bus & Tech; Business Systems Analysis; Project Management; Principles of Management Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Finance Relevant Experience ● IRMAT PHARMACY Order Fulfillment/Intake Specialist 2 Park Avenue, #23 New York, NY 10016 November 2014- May 2020 Duties: Promptly answering calls at the initial point of contact pertaining to dermatological and non-dermatological prescriptions; routing calls to the proper department through the switchboard; properly entering information concerning patient’s medical information as per HIPAA; expediting shipments for delivery via FedEx, UPS, courier service through our in-house proprietary software; processing credit card payments using our secure portal; conducting a follow-up on customer inquiries regarding their shipments; interfacing with pharmacies nationwide in an attempt to secure medical information not readily accessible by patients ● TRAVEL PLANNERS, INC Reservations Agent/ Customer Service Representative 381 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016 April 2013- November 2014 Duties: Serving as a travel intermediary for hotels and conventioneers (attendees and exhibitors) contracting with different conventions across the country, upselling hotel rooms at discounted group rates, virtually walking prospective hotel guests to available hotels if primary hotel choice is fully committed or unavailable/offering night requests pending hotel approval, updating guests on their existing reservations (modifying/cancelling reservations) and promptly forwarding e-mail communications concerning such reservations, liaising with and properly contacting hotels regarding hotel reservations on behalf of our customers, promptly escalating calls to line managers for further conflict resolution , data entry, administrative duties ● ABC AUTOMATIC FIRE PROTECTION INC Inside Sales Representative/Customer Service Representative th​ 252 West 38​ Street, New York, NY -March 2012-April 2013 Duties: Upselling relevant company products and services through efficient opening and closing techniques, conducting follow-up calls on prospective client businesses and generating a sales invoice to be subsequently forwarded and routed to appropriate departments and respective personnel for further services, effectively meeting company quotas as well as incentive programs and generating revenue for the company through increased sales/productivity , data entry ● Universal Survey Center Call Center Representative 9/2011-3/2012 th​ 218 West 40​ Street, NY, NY 10036 Duties: Interviewing consumers on behalf of client companies in an effort to obtain information about products and services the respective client companies offer for the purpose of the consumer data being used to improve company services, entering the data on the computer and properly dispositioning and coding each call Other Experience ● Customer Service Representative/Telemarketer 6/2010-6/2011 Digital Media Insights NY, NY Responsible for conducting sales of digital services provided by the company such as SEM, search engine optimization(SEO), banner ads, text displays, etc as per company protocol and following up on prospective leads ● Customer Service Representative 6/2006-4/2010 AT&T NY, NY Handling a huge volume of inbound calls in our busy call center pursuant to our state-to-state call operation in accordance with company regulations and policies; effectively liaising with customers and clients regarding call rates, peak and off-peak hours, time zones and pertinent company offers and promotions; efficiently routing calls to the other departments for further conflict resolution ● Telephone Banker /Customer Service Representative 8/2005-5/2006 Wells Fargo Bank Los Angeles, California Handling customers’ bank accounts and effectively updating the computer database detailing various accounts, liaising with customers in an effort to provide them with pertinent information regarding their accounts upon successful verification of their identities; providing customers with vital information regarding various types of accounts, loans ,products and services offered by Wells Fargo as well as banking locations and normal business hours; occasionally routing calls to different departments/supervisors in an effort to successfully resolve disputes ● Telemarketer 11/2004-6/2005 Davis Research Institute Calabasas, California Handling outbound calls to prospective consumers for the purpose of accurately completing a simple survey on products and services offered by merchants/clients whose accounts our company handles itself; occasionally responsible for supervising a small group of telemarketers in the call center and thoroughly instructing them on the basic and fundamental operations of our phone systems, database, PBX and randomly monitoring team productivity in the call center in the interest of company goals being met accordingly through efficient and productive use of company equipment ● Sales Representative 8/2003-7/2004 Vector Marketing Canoga Park, CA Handling a huge volume of inbound calls concerning product inquiries and requests for information on the company based solely in Olean, NY; conducting outbound calls to prospective customers and subsequently scheduling a product demonstration on different venues; liaising and interfacing with customers via e-mail; thoroughly and accurately processing invoices for submission to the main headquarters as per company protocol; occasionally submitting a progress report in accordance with company policies and standards ● Customer Service Representative 9/2002-7/2003 Verizon Mission Hills, CA Handling a huge volume of incoming calls in the call center regarding customers’ concerns over non-operational/dysfunctional phone lines or services; successfully routing calls to respective departments in an effort to assist clients/customers further, providing on the spot troubleshooting techniques at the outset of customer contact; proactively updating the computer database using sophisticated company software; accurately and thoroughly documenting customer complaints and routing the trouble ticket generated to the ATR personnel primarily responsible for dispatch of technicians out to the filed for maintenance/repair purposes; providing consumers with knowledgeable information on various company products/services/offers Other Work Experience/ Training ● Reagan & Associates Proxy Vote Solicitor/Call Center Agent th​ 505 8​ Avenue, NY, NY 10036 June 2012 Duties: Contacting credit union members and duly informing them of the proposed charter change by the credit union (Tech Credit Union) into a federally insured mutual savings bank and the pending shareholders meeting, conducting proxy solicitation votes by phone using a highly structured script and properly logging in the votes ● Fast Source Capital Inside Sales Representative/ Customer Service Representative th​ West 36​ Street, New York, NY 10036 July 2012 ● Duties: Contacting small businesses across the country and upselling our small business fund solutions to such companies and properly soliciting for relevant information from business owners concerning their finances to be processed by company underwriters for the purpose of providing such small businesses with the necessary capital to efficiently operate their business ● American Stock Transfer Proxy Vote Solicitor/ Call Center Agent 1200 Wall Street, Lyndhurst, NJ October 2012 Duties: Contacting respective shareholders of Prospect Capital Corporation across the country concerning the upcoming shareholders’ meeting and conducting a proxy vote solicitation concerning proposals/recommendations by the Board of Directors and properly dispositioning each call as per company policy using a highly structured speech approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as manually recording voted shareholder accounts in writing for tabulation purposes ● Verizon Wireless (Contract position) Customer Service Representative/ Retail New York, NY October 2012 Duties: Handling a huge volume of customer service concerns in a retail environment, interfacing with customers and providing them with alternative solutions to numerous concerns in regard to billing, service plans, upgrade, special discounts and promotions, updating customer records in the database upon successful verification of their identities, properly dispositioning each customer interface after each transaction for recordkeeping purposes
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Customer Experience
Customer Retention
18 $
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