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Franklin Asong
Cyber Security Analyst Franklin Asong, Websites, IT & Software
• Work with ISSO and Security team to Access Security Controls selected, Create SAP, ROE where Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing procedures are included in the assessment, conduct assessment meeting kickoff and security Control meeting with ISSO and System Owner .Assessment finding result are stored on the (RTM) or Test case and all weakness noted be reported in our SAR report. Knowledge of SAN-20 and ISO 27001 Security controls and Mapping with NIST • Communicate between multiple clients to perform POA&M remediation for CAP remediation. Handled internal communications within Office of Information Security and external communications with several different divisions daily. Maintain excellent working relationships with both internal and external customers using communication skills • Provides services as security controls assessors (SCAs) and perform as an integral part of the Assessments and Authorizations process to include A&A scanning, documentation, reporting and analysis requirements. Analyzed current threats to information security and systems. Analyze security findings and data. Published reports and keeps metrics for client systems • Security Documentation: Perform updates to System Security Plans (SSP) Using NIST 800-18 as a guide to develop SSP, Risk Assessments, and Incident Response Plans, create Change Control procedures • Assures that the Information Systems Security department's policies, procedures, and practices as well as other systems user groups are following FISMA, NIST, and general agency standards • Reviews documentation to include System Security Plan NIST 800-18 as a guide, Authorization to Operate (ATO),Security Assessment report(SAR) using NIST800-30 as a guide, FIPPS 199 System Categorization using NIST 800-60 Vol1/Vol2 based on confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA), policy and procedures, e-authentication, privacy threshold analysis (PTA), privacy impact analysis (PIA), contingency plan (CP) and interconnection security agreement as per NIST 800-47 , certification and accreditation (C&A) packages and system standard operating procedures Write finding and recommendation on the assessment and outline how the findings should be address and what evidence should be presented as proved of its remediation. Screenshot should be
Websites, IT & Software
Information Security
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