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Rosemarie T
Freelance writer Rosemarie T, Writing & Content
Published in startup "Harness Magazine". I've included a sample of my work. It's almost 20 years later and my mind still can't grasp what happened. I went to the World Trade Center yesterday for the first time. I'm 27 years old and I just saw one of the most infamous sites in the world for the first time. It's the fourth of July. A day where we should be celebrating men and women that lay down their lives for our freedom. As I look around me it's beautiful. The sun is shining, it's warm and there's just that little bit of a breeze to keep you cool. There're children running around blowing bubbles, people walking their dogs and runners glistening. The sun is starting to set and there's streaks of yellow, orange and pink in the sky. A scene perfectly orchestrated by God almost as if it was written for a movie script. The architecture around me is beautiful and pristine. Glass buildings everywhere and, flowers are hanging from the ceilings of the beautiful patio restaurants. I think there's a fountain where one of the towers used to be. I only say “I think” because I didn't let myself get close enough to it to actually see. Everything is rebuilt now...at least physically. Any babies born after that year would never know just by looking at it, but I can't help but feel like I'm looking at a graveyard when I saw it. Even as fresh and new as it was. In my mind I saw the ash. In my mind I saw the smoke. In my mind I saw the falling man and all our innocence it broke. I tell myself to stop being such a baby stop crying because it's not like I was there. I only saw the collapse of America as we ever knew it but I suppose that's an awful lot to bear. I can't help but think of us "before" whenever I see a child innocently playing. The child represents America. Carefree, light. I miss that feeling before the fire of 175 United flight. Let's not forget American 11. I know every passenger went straight to heaven. So, on this day of red white and blue. Let's honor who showed up to help and mourn what we didn't know. Let's mourn our innocence of the way we saw the world before the flames engulfed our sky and the black smoke swirled.
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Alexis Troyer
United States, Tea
Writer and Content Creator Alexis Troyer, Writing & Content
SKILLS- Good Time Management Good Observation Skills Organized Team Player Writer Content Creator Social Media WORK EXPERIENCE- Writer Wattpad - Tea, SD July 2013 to Present • Write/create stories and books • Come up with new ideas and content for my stories/books • Create/design appealing book covers for my content • Check, edit, and proofread my content to make sure there are no errors • Write in an engaging, intriguing, and clear manner to reach a wide range of readers • Publish my content once I’ve read it over • Continually writing and coming up with new ideas for future stories/books Lifestyle Blogger chasinglifewithalexis.com Sioux Falls, SD November 2019 to Present • Built my personal website using Bluehost and WordPress • Come up with new ideas for content on my blog • Write posts in an engaging and clear manner to reach a wide range of readers • Check, edit, and proofread my work for any errors • Find photos relating to the post and topic to further engage readers • Publish the new posts once looked over and double checked • Continually update my website, and fix any problems it may have Door Dash Sioux Falls, SD Delivery Driver October 14, 2019- December 1, 2019 • Drives to the restaurants and picks up food orders to deliver • Checks and get orders/meals ready to deliver to customers • Delivers orders/meals to customers at businesses, homes, and etc. • Checks food orders to insure accuracy • Helps customers with whatever they may need Jeff Panera Bread 5117 S Louise Ave 57108 Sioux Falls, SD Delivery Driver June 5th, 2019- July 8th, 2019 • Checks and get orders/meals ready to deliver to customers • Delivers orders/meals to customers at businesses, homes, and etc. • Brings customers orders to tables when working in the restaurant • Helps customers with whatever they may need • Trains new delivery drivers to join the team • Checks food orders to insure accuracy • Checks/prepares orders for pick up/to go orders • Cleans/buses tables and dining room • Picks up dishes and garbage • Stocks when cups and other things are empty/low Janelle Maag- Hospice- Ava’s House 1320 West 17th Street 57104 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Patient Care Technician at Sanford: Ava’s House July 9th 2018- May 30th 2019 • Bathing, lifting, grooming, repositioning, feeding, and toileting patients • Meal preparation and dining needs • Assisting patients with their basic, daily needs • Emotional support for patients and families • Helping nursing staff with patients needs and cares • Helping patients with daily activities • Record vital statistics and other basic health information • Cleaning patient rooms and medical equipment Ron Jeffries (Central States Fairgrounds) 800 San Francisco St 57701 Rapid City, South Dakota Volunteer at Kid's Day, Aug 2010- Aug 2016 • operated games and booths throughout the day • organized games and activities • help with set up/tear down of the Kid’s Day event • interacted with kids and their families throughout the day • cleaned up Kid's Day area Monica Long, Rapid City, South Dakota 1512 Summit Blvd 57701 Teacher's Assistant at Wondermont Black Hills Homeschool Co-op, February 1, 2016- April 26th, 2016 • assisted the teacher with classroom activities and kids • organized kid’s learning activities • cleaned up classroom • interacted with kids • assisted kids with sensory learning activities • set up/cleaned up kid’s activities EDUCATION Homeschool, Rapid City, South Dakota High School Diploma, May 2018 September 2014- May 2018 • Sciences • Health • Nutrition and Wellness • Child Development • SAT Test • Speech
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