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Prashant Gaikwad
India, Pune
Technical Lead cum Analyst Prashant Gaikwad, Engineering & Science
The main achievements that I had in my previous position, that prove the value that I can add to your team, are: I succeed at working independently as much as I enjoy mutually sharing creative ideas with other team members, Additionally, I am enthusiastic about analyzing market researches using feedbacks and critical thinking skills. Performed data analysis and created 90+ reports using graphs, raw data in excel, complex vantage data, and from PowerBI, to generate asset performance reports, relevant dashboards for the customers. Has achieved onboarding of more than 80+ sites across the globe in a span of just 6 months; coordinating with sales team from countries - USA, France, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Britain, Italy. Managed work hours distribution for the team and developed relevant dashboards to derive appropriate conclusions, in turn, helping to improve the e􀀽ciency of the team. Saved more than 1.5 FTE for the team within a span of 6 months. Analyze the weak areas or problems faced by team in feedback meetings and provide appropriate solutions. Initiated and worked on internal marketing and communications for the project operations; ran awareness campaigns about the services and supports from the project, delivered 15+ customer-facing presentations. Worked upon 10+ new customer accounts for PI-PI integration and ran 450+ simulation reports for the customer through PATHFINDER simulation models within Nalco PI System which directly monitors the Crude Overhead corrosion rate. Researched and analyzed the issues using data analysis for more than 20+ sites and delivered more than 150+solutions using site specific reports. Has achieved business targets e􀀴ectively with email and WebEx, Teams conversations even after having language barriers across the globe. Creativity and enthusiasm for business growth helped to drive more than 5+ successful initiatives for the project.
Engineering & Science
Data Science
Petroleum Engineering
Statistical Analysis
3 $
Saideep Shetty
Virtual Office Manager Saideep Shetty, Engineering & Science
I am a self-learner who is very interested in learning new things every day. An Automobile engineering graduate from Manipal University Jaipur. My previous Internship experience was at Tata Motors ltd where I was a part of the Product Management team where we were working on the New vehicle prototype which is going to launch in 2021. I also successfully completed a Lean Six Sigma project where our Project goal was to Optimize the Material delivery system on the Assembly line and Reduce the overall time by 40%. Also have taken responsibility as a Student Placement Co-ordinator, I managed the overall Internship and placement activities at my university. Where I acted as a bridge between the students and the potential recruiters/Faculties. I have been a part of the Blood donation camp at our university for 3 consecutive years in the Hospitality Dept. and led a group of volunteers to provide the donors with the Best Donor experience and soon realized I had the empathy to understand their problems, Acknowledge their problems and try to generate solutions. Also, I had received the scholarship for a foreign student exchange program at Estaca-School of Mobility Engineering, Paris_France. I got the opportunity to experience foreign culture and interact with students from all over the world especially the USA, UK, China. Have been certified as a Customer Support Specialist from LinkedIn. Also completed coursework on SQLite to manage databases used in CRM platform
Engineering & Science
Bill of Materials (BOM) Optimization
Statistical Analysis
29 $
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