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David Hur
United States, San Jose
Operations Manager David Hur, Sales & Marketing
With six years of regulated cannabis industry experience, I have been granted the unique opportunity to watch a young industry grow from an unorganized, irregular, and loosely regulated hodgepodge of real businesses and black-market-esque establishments, to a lucrative, exciting, and booming, global industry with international market revenue in the billions. I have been able to hone my already strong interpersonal skills and grow as a professional and as an individual. I have worn many hats in my young career. My most recent endeavor has been as an operations manager of an $18M retail organization here in San Jose. Innovating and engineering financial growth through brand expansion, communication skills, and a strong dose of humility among other things. Helping local, small businesses to grow through exposure to larger markets. Procuring product and sharpening negotiation skills and practical b2b sales experience. Leading a small team of like-minded individuals to be pragmatic, give attention to detail always, juggle tasks with grace, and see projects through to completion, all while having the intuition to prioritize and maximize efficiency. This experience has come to fruition over the last year and eight months through resilience, hard work, and innovation on my part. I have acquired and strengthened many skills, both technical, business-related, and interpersonal, to become a straight shooter and well rounded professional during this period of my life. Provided with the right opportunity, I believe that I can use my unique foundation of life and professional experience based in coming of age in different regions across the US, world travel and living abroad, and volunteering, to make an impact and be an asset to any organization willing to give me a shot.
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David Masci
National Client Partner David Masci, Sales & Marketing
A B O U T M E Willing & Compliant Business Development professional with a proven track record of enhancing the capacity of my colleagues, mentoring and growing with my team, and a respectful voice for continuous innovation. My 10+ years in various Virtual Business Operations have molded me into a valuable asset in today's "virtual" world. Problem Solver with an entrepreneurial mindset willing to go the extra mile and exceed expectations. I operate in an altruistically aggressive manner and believe all good human relation is based on asking good questions and listening. Law of probability states the more people you call on the more likely you are to make a sale and if you have a solution to their need and genuinely solve it, you will never run out of clients. WO R K E X P E R I E N C E VP, Business Development, Limitless Motivated Sellers - Lead Gen Firm, Mount Laurel, NJ May 2012 - Present Jointly developed and leads M Group Resources, Limitless Motivated Sellers presence in the Real Estate sector. A business acumen and entrepreneurial background provides the foundation for continued growth and market expansion having sold accounts in nearly every state, Nationally. Excel at navigating the LMS system solving clients needs, meeting client KPI's, avoiding the roller coaster effect most small businesses experience. While reinforcing the importance of education and communication surrounding each client relationship and project. Accomplishments: 1. Built company from 0 to over 100 RMR clients resulting in a monthly RMR of 300k. 2. Re-established non performing accounts with a 80%+ turnaround by implementing additional features in LMS’ service offerings. 3. Developed LMS’ upsell platform capturing an additional average of $18k per month by upselling add on features at discounted rates for LMS account holders. 4. Reduced Marketing expenses by 36% while increasing RMR. Client Success Partner, M Group Resources - Executive Recruiting, Mount Laurel, NJ Feb 2012 - Feb 2020 With 10+ years of successful Executive placement at leading Fortune companies David oversees the union of Executive vision and culture with passive, seemingly unachievable partnerships producing measurable results for his clients. Principal industries served: Market Research, Manufacturing, Security Integration, Tech, Medical Supply, Construction, and Science. A naturally altruistic approach mixed with a 12 years of success in sales and negotiation resulting in an uncommon ability to exceed expectations. • Talent Acquisition: Delivered recruitment solutions for hundreds of vacancies across all organizational levels including C-level, quota busting Sales Reps and Organizational oversight. • Top-Ranked Results: Distinguished as one of the top-grossing recruiters in NJ office. • Account Growth: Won and managed some of company's largest accounts generating up to $2.5M annually. Fostered lasting client relationships as a trusted hiring partner with a 96% job- fulfillment rate and one of the lowest fall-off rates throughout tenure. Accomplishments: 1. Market Research: Placed over 11 Key Professionals, rebuilding a Loyalty sector with new technologies including Medallia, Qualtrics, Confirmit, MaritzCX. 2. Placed Key Players within Ipsos RDA. 3. Market Research: Landed a 3.2B Market Research world leading company resulting in almost 1M, annually. 4. Manufacturing/Packaging: Grew the Manufacturing vertical by 36% using industry knowledge to align efforts with client needs. 5. Security Integration: Filled 7 C-Cure 9000 positions with passive talent that remained unfilled for 7 months in 2 weeks. Senior Staffing Partner, Dunhill Worldwide - Executive Recruiting Firm, San Francisco Jan 2010 - Feb 2012 To succeed with Dunhill, I was extremely agile and moved quickly on opportunity, which in turn landed me a #1 position within the firms 19 recruiters. 100+ Cold calls per day. Diverse Placements; Performed professional, technical, executive and managerial recruiting in areas including: Skilled Trades, Project Managers, IT Professionals, Finance & Accounting, Office / Admin Support, Marketing & Sales, Department Heads, Senior Executives. Accomplishments: 1. Fastest sale in the company at 28 days from start. This particular position remained unfilled for over 5 months when provided. 2. Most recruits within first 12 months of employment in company history. 3. Offered a partner position. Principal, Masciangelo Construction - Design/Build, Sewell, NJ Jun 2002 - Dec 2010 Out of High School, I slowly built one of the areas leading Design/Build Firms in it's class, providing light Commercial and Residential solutions to new build, as is, and commercial renovations. (Churches, Associations, Corporate, High end housing developments) Managed new and existing clients from initial layout until project completion. Main responsibilities were sales, sales management, Project oversight of Project Managers monthly responsibility. Annual revenue of $1.9M. E D U C AT I O N High school diploma, Washington Township High School, Sewell, NJ 2002 • HS Diploma • Certifications CAD Design • Focus on Business
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