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Terry McKenna
United States, Palo Alto
Human Resources (HR) Manager Terry McKenna , Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
RESPONSIBILITIES Handling employment relations issues such as grievances and employee welfare. Leading the recruitment process, including selection and interviewing of candidates. Collaborating with other managers in the business, sometimes internationally, to ensure the smooth running of the company from a people perspective. Partnering with senior operational staff including the HR director, to establish and roll-out people-related strategy. Overseeing staff attendance and absence monitoring. Providing detailed HR reports to senior management teams. Administration of employee-related paperwork, such as employment contracts, new starter packs, or formal notices of termination. Leading new starter company inductions. Managing talent pools and succession plans to ensure the company can continue to operate in the future. Overseeing training and development of employees. Administering financial elements such as payroll, compensation and benefits, and pension schemes. Handling highly confidential information in an honest and trustworthy way. “Responsibilities will vary depending on the organization and the size of the team. SKILLS HR manager skills are typically obtained from previous business and administration experience. As a general guide, recruiters will often look for: Strong computer literacy. Someone who is highly organised. Good administrative skills. Negotiation and influencing skills. Personal credibility; someone that others will trust with sensitive data and information. Courageousness, especially when standing up for what is right, not necessarily what is easy. Inquisitive, with an open mind. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines. Extensive knowledge of how a business works and an HR function operates. “You’ll really need to have great communication skills, and know how to speak to people and deliver messages in the right way, especially when it’s bad news”
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Administrative Support
Education & Tutoring
Employee Training
Training Development
42 $
kritika sharma
Hr manager Kritika Sharma, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
I have experience of 5 months as an HR, I performed as an HR Assistant. I performed all the roles and responsibilities that HR does. I have done from searching for the right candidate to the right position from the requirement from a particular department and screening the applied, interview them, checking for their assignments, onboarding, salary negotiation. Also, I worked on business development side, where my previous company is consultancy, so there we usually get communicate with our clients. So, I have performed things to improve the business of the company by bringing good clients from the industry. I also have my bachelor's degree in INTERIOR DESIGNING and have 4+ years of hands-on experience in it. I usually communicate with people and have very good management skills. So, to improve my management skills and I am currently pursuing MBA in HR & Operations. my strengths are my listening skills for an hr i guess listening to the problems of our team's members is a must. as an hr, it is my responsibility that the persons who is working with me is having a friendly environment while working . he or she can have any work-related queries with me and it is my responsibility that I listen to them and help them this shows my problem-solving nature towards my teammates. on another hand, my weakness is I am a shy kind of person I need little time to be comfortable with my fellow colleges, and also I first give them chance to show their talent and accordingly I judge them.
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Business Analytics
Human Resources
Training Development
35 $
Sunday Adeniyi
HUMAN RESOURCE/ RECRUITER Sunday Adeniyi, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
WORK EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENT NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS; 2018/19 CULTURE AND TOURISM / DANCE AND DRAMA TROUPE, KADUNA STATE. Post Held; Dance and Drama/ Tourism CDS Coordinator; Achievements; • Market Group Objectives and Initiated more than 50 Corp Members in 8 months of Serving as Coordinator In The CDS and Increase Register by 15%; • Give Attention To Member Complaints and Assist New Member to Absorbed and Settle In Totality, Make Provision For Daily Rehearsal Needs E.g. Refreshments, Water etc.; Which Helps to Increase Retention By 20% In 8Months; • Led Over 50 Dancers and Dramatist to Participate in All kinds of Socio-Community Service/Functions; Travel With Crew Occasionally to Participate In Inter-State Competitions and Increase Revenues By 20% in 8 Months; • Saves About #7000 In 8 month Of Serving; Took Part In Meetings With Other Excos and Deliberate On Issues Affecting the CDS e.g. External Influences, Members Welfare, Low Revenues, Competitions, Tours and Social Events etc. and Proffer Solution; Also, Manage Cultural, Ethnicity and Philosophical Differences ; AWARDS; • Award Of Excellence; Culture and Tourism, Federal Ministry Of Youth, Sport and Culture, Kaduna State • Award of Service; Dance and Drama Troupe, NYSC Kaduna State. LEADLEAP CONSULTING March 2020 Post Held; Human Resource Intern Achievements; • Source For Candidate Externally, Through Referrals/Recommendations and Other Alternatives Means; Recruits Over 20 Job Seekers In 5 Months and Ensure Reliability and Validity Of Selection Criteria; Conduct Interviews, Run Background Investigations on Selected Candidate; • Indulge in Training and Developmental Functions For Over 30 Employees In 6 Month Of Service; Also, Coordinate and Participate In Employees Orientation Function, Mentored, Motivate Employees Through Story Leadership and Increased Employees Inputs By 3%. • A Record Of Meeting Outsourcing Goals e.g. Closed 3 Deals In 5 Months Of Service; Assist In Ensuring Confidentiality Of Employees and Business Records (Hard and soft copies); • Process Documentation and Prepare Reports Relating to Personnel Activities e.g. Training, Recruitment, Grievances, Performance Evaluation etc.; • Coordinate HR Projects e.g. Meetings, Survey and Take Minutes Progressively for over 5 Months; And Provides Relevant Data e.g. Absence, Bonus Leave etc.; For Payroll Preparation and Administering Function. TECH SUPPORT: Application Tracking Software, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM i-FITNESS CENTER LIMITIED September 2019 till date Post Held: Sales Executive Achievement; • A Record Of Meeting and Exceeding Customer Target/Register at The Branch Level by 20%and Delivered Topnotch Customers Service Objectives; Also, Gain Retention By 15% • Indulge In One on One Customers Rapport, Tangible/ Intangible Product Marketing functions, Cross Selling, Re-Ordering Processing, Manage Inventory, Process Transaction as they Occur and Hit Monthly Milestone Target Of Over 5 Million Naira in 26 days(Month) Progressively; Also, Sends Sales Report To The Back Office On Daily Basis and Progressively . • Manage Inter-Related Customers Information on Software’s And Assist in maintaining company’s policy at the branch level; also keep Confidential Of Business And Management Information’s • and Builds and Maintain relationship with Existing Customer, Provide Customers with Information about Products; Ring up Purchase; Call On Prospect, Received Front Desk Calls, Handle Irate Customers, Listen to Customers Complaints and Elevate Complaints To Managements, Follow Up till Problems are Solved. • Checks for Orders and Requested Stocks For Customers And Assist In Facility Management Functions, And Assist To Fulfill The Branch Look And Feel Objectives. TECH SUPPORT: QuickBooks, POS, Gym-Master, Paystack, Excel, MS-Word, Outlook.
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Customer Experience
Human Resources
Project Management
Training Development
25 $
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