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Sheetal Singh
United States, Coral Springs
Copy Writer - Content Writer Sheetal Singh, Data Entry & Admin
From Being a successful Television Producer/ Director in India to being a Restaurant owner In USA to a Trained Business Analyst my Career Graph has been very exciting and unique. I started my career in the Television industry in India in 2004 with established channels such as Zoom, Zee TV, SONY PIX and Star CJ Alive. I have been a Producer for Promos and Packaging for a solid 5 years and Senior Producer /Director for LIVE TV SHOPPING channel for a solid 5 years. In the entire 10 years of my TV career I have got to work with extremely well-established Producers and Directors who have imparted their technical and creative knowledge duly to me. I have maximized the learning process by actively writing scripts for promos, interstitials, A/V’s and 30 minute shows in both Hindi and English Language with excellent command on both. Technically Lighting, Editing and Camera work comes naturally to me because I am a keen observer of objects and people and storytelling through frames is my forte. In 2014 I moved to Florida, USA and took a short break from the working life to family life. I got married and have a wonderful daughter and now that we had grown as a family it was time to venture into the family business. I proudly owned a Food Franchise in 2018-2019. It taught me the ropes of the Corporate world in the USA for the very first time, expanding my knowledge and experience to a completely different level. It was my first time in food industry and doing business is no easy task. Amongst all my Training and experience I would like to say the Restaurant industry is tough. Especially for a newbie like me. However when the going gets tough,the tough gets going. I had to toughen up when I knew the business didn’t give us satisfactory results. Hence in Aug 2019 since I had already taken a leap of faith I wanted to risk everything I had a show the world that I have great culinary skills. I wanted to introduce Indian food in the city of Coral Springs with a new concept which many may have not tried before. It was a lovely experience ,I built a fantastic customer base ,was the chief Chef and trained my staff effectively.Thus Scheduling, Managing Payroll and keeping the files up to date was all handled by me. The COVID-19 Pandemic took a toll on us and the best move was not to continue the business because of uncertainty. That didn’t put me in the idle seat either. I immediately utilized this precious time learning a new skill in a totally interesting field of IT. I took Business Analyst training and my performance in all assigned tasks got me good results but definitely there is a lot of room for learning. I will summarize my 15 year work graph as I take up what life offers to me and I don’t hesitate to try it, learn it and probably be an expert at it.
Data Entry & Admin
General Office
Web Search
25 $
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